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    TOP LEAGUE 09/10 action. Needs Internet Explorer to run, don't worry if it says it can't find the file ID or whatever because it'll just start playing random TOP LEAGUE action.

    Seriously right, lets face it. Most, if not all, elite NH and SH rugby has been crap over the summer and so far this season. Questions have been asked, fingers poked, lazy people like Graham Henry and Robbie Deans have asked for rules to be changed because they can't be bothered to coach their players properly (if he needs to at all, maybe over-coaching has been the issue). 

    In this world of back biting and mediocre rugby, there has to be a bastion of good times, free flowing and enterprising rugby where the tries flow like wine and the moves are as succulent as the finest joint of beef cooking in the oven?

    Ladies and gents, I give you Japan's TOP LEAGUE. Okay the quality of the rugby is poor but look at them! Everyone wants to offload, run with the ball rather than kick it and score tries! They don't want to wait for ELVs or stupid rule changes, they're putting it on the line to score and score big! And good luck to them!

    If you're watching the latest highlights (HIGHLIGHT 4) you'll see:

    Sanyo WILD KNIGHTS (emphasis on wild) vs Coca Cola West

    Spears vs Blue Sainx Bombs

    Toshiba BRAVE LUPUS vs TOYOTA VERBLITZ (rawr!)

    Personally I loved watching rugby where people are actually playing rugby how we all want to see it played. Considering how aggressive these guys in their attack, no wonder Japan can run Wales all the way from their own try line to score like they did in the RWC 2007.

    P.S. I love the silly names, I think every NH team should have a silly name like the MELBOURNE WILD BADGERS, the PRETORIA AANVALL!, Paris PINK BOMBS! MUNSTER BRAVE STAGS!!!! and NORTHAMPTON WILD ARMISH FARMERS vs SARACENS NORTH CHAVS!!!
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