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TOP14 Patch for Rugby 08



Hi guys.

As you may know, in the megaupdate patch we are replacing Super 14 with TOP14 and i have stumbled on some minor problems.

It appears there is no 'official' Top14 matchball, and i am not sure there is any markings for TOP14 on goalposts etc.

I know the TOP14 logo is made into the grass but can anyone here who goes to games or knows these things give me an idea of what exactly is correct? Photos would be good or just descriptions.

As far as i can tell, teams seem to have either Gilbert or the other ball ('derugby' or something) but there is no actual official ball.

Any help would be very appreciated. Personally, i'd like to make goalpadding with TOP14 logos and also have one type of matchball, preferably gilbert with a TOP14 logo.

What do you guys think?

A gilbert ball with a TOP14 logo it's an good idea.

Another idea it's to put the LNR logo (French national rugby league)

Personally, i don't like club having different balls. I don't know any league anywhere in any sport that does this.

So, i will make a Top14 ball with LNR and Top14 logo.

I will also make some postpads and Top14 graphics.
I prefer personnaly play with personal balls for each teams, french or english. I am trying to do some balls with the work of Fa'atau82 and crstt812, with their approbation, and now I have realized thoses balls :
Bath; Biarritz; Bourgoin; Cardiff; Castres; Clermont; Glasgow; Leicester; London Irish; Northampton; Saracens; Toulouse
Toulon have been added in the place of the Chiefs and have been moved into the 'European clubs'.
someone know which files .fsh is atribuate for the balls of URUGUAY and RUSSIA please.
thamks you very much.