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    "La nuit du rugby" is an annual award ceremony organized by the LNR , Provale (players' syndicate), Canal+ and other sponsors.

    Best player and best XV awards are voted by the professional players & coaches. Best try is an internet vote.

    Awards results for the 2007/2008 season were given monday night :

    Try of the season :
    Martin JAGR (RC Toulon)

    (nominee videos available here)

    Best player TOP 14 :
    Byron KELLEHER

    (nominees : Juan Martin HERNANDEZ (Paris), Byron KELLEHER (Toulouse), Gérard VOSLOO (Brive))

    Best player PRO D2 :
    Orene AI’I

    (nominees : José SUTA (Toulon), Brice CHEVCHENKO (Narbonne), Atenai AII (Toulon))

    Revelation of the season :
    Maxime MEDARD

    (nominees : Napoleoni Vonwale NALAGA (Clermont) Yann DAVID (Bourgoin), Maxime MEDARD (Toulouse))

    Best international player :
    Lionel NALLET

    (nominees : Vincent CLERC (Toulouse), Lionel NALLET (Castres), Thierry DUSAUTOIR (Toulouse))

    Best referee :
    Christophe BERDOS

    (nominees : Romain POITE, Christophe BERDOS, Joël JUTGE)

    Award for ethics and conviviality TOP 14 :

    Award for ethics and conviviality PRO D2 :

    Emotion moment « Thierry Gilardi Award » :
    Clément POITRENAUD's injury

    Michel Bendichou Award :
    Ms Jacqueline PAGÈS (Toulouse) & Mr Jean DUPONT (Biarritz)

    Dream XV of the season :
    1.RONCERO Rodrigo
    2.LEDESMA Mario
    4.NALLET Lionel
    5.ALBACETE Patricio
    6.VOSLOO Gerhard
    7.DUSAUTOIR Thierry
    8.PICAMOLES Louis
    9.KELLEHER Byron
    10.HERNANDEZ Juan Martin
    12.JAUZION Yannick
    13.DAVID Yann
    14.HEYMANS Cédric
    15.MEDARD Maxime

    Best coaching staff TOP 14 :

    (nominees : Clermont, Montauban, Toulouse)

    Best coaching staff PRO D2 :

    (nominees : Lyon, Mont de Marsan, La Rochelle)

    TOP 14 Champion :

    PRO D2 Champion :
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  3. bates

    bates Guest

    Nice, it's good to see Byron Kelleher in the list.

    Will keep an eye on French rugby :D
  4. DonBilly

    DonBilly Guest

    I find Djibril Camara's try more impressive than Jagr's.
  5. Stillknox

    Stillknox Guest

    Not a surprise. Congrats Lord Byron, that was a hell of a season ! Medard was impressive too, I can't wait to see him with the blue (well, daaark blue) jersey in november, he's the best french fullback by far at the moment. Congrats to Nallet too, who is the best french international for the second time in two years... but sad for Dusautoir who deserve it too.

    Glad to see that Hernandez is on the Dream XV again. Seeing that wizard every two weeks is a real gift...
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