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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Stormers, Mar 26, 2005.

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    Well I have played the game quite a bit and there are a couple of teams that are really good even better than in real life. for example, in South Africa that Cats is rubbish (I support the Stormer LOL) Anyway, but in World League mode, the Cats is a very good side in my 1st season I lost to them, and the 2nd I managed a win, but by a single point in the dying moments of the match.

    Anyway this is my list
    1: Ireland (I love the Irish)
    2: Cats
    3: Ulster
    4: Brumbies (Lost the cup semi-final to them in my 2nd season)

    That's all I got thus far.

    The teams found too easy
    1: Crusaders (Even in the S12 comp they are just too easy to beat)
    2: Blues
    3: France
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  3. I found Ireland far too easy on normal, stuck 70 points on them. It's weird though, playing on hard I found it easier to beat Fiji than Georgia [​IMG]
  4. ninjapirate

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    england is really hard on hard... hard.
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