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Toulon shirt - 24/05/2014 Heineken Cup Final signed by Jonny Wilkinson & others


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Jun 25, 2015
Hi Everyone,

straight to the point - I have a nice collector's piece some of you might find interesting and I've just listed it on ebay yesterday.

The item is a Toulon shirt signed by Jonny Wilkinson and some other team mates after the 24/05/2014 Heineken Cup Final in Cardiff, which, as I'm sure you know was not only the last Heineken Cup game but also the last UK match before Jonny Wilkinson retiriment.

Long story short, I won a FedEx competition and Toulon and Saracens signed shirts were part of the prize. Now, I'm not a rugby fan so I decided to sell the shirts and I would like them to end up in good hands and enrich the collection of a fan who would really appreciate it. Because of the ebay limitations, the Saracens shirt will be listed next month, so if you would like to have a set, please be patient - I'll let you know.

I hope you'll forgive me spamming :) Here's the link to my auction if anyone's interested: