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Toulon to join Premiership next season

His interview is hilarious. He genuinely thinks there is a spot for him in the Premiership either with Toulon or with an English club :lol:
Toulon already bled us dry when PSA left!

Get him to Bath - the egos of him and Craig combined might cause them to implode
Childish ****** should worry about not demotivating his players by openly criticising them before drawing up idiotic plans to join the premiership.
The man is a **** but if this threat leads to a European super league which is inevitable in my opinion I'll be a happy man.

To true esp if you can join Munster and Leinster together and Connacht and Ulster Together to form 2 big Ireland teams.

Muninster and Connlster.
just another Boudjellal mouthing, nobody in France is even quoting it, every week something different maybe next week, Christmas to be held in July in Toulon whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So he wants to join the AP over a row about salary caps.....that must mean his perception is that English club's ignore the current one imposed on them.
Toulon are going nowhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but there would be a little humour if they did and won the Premiership, that would give the Toulon haters something to whinge about !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I read the Rugbyrama article and thought "Bon voyage!". Seriously, he's more entertaining than his club.
this is him spouting his usual nonsense i take it? cant see the AP organisers taking him seriously. its the english premiership (only not by name) having 1 french team in there would seem absurd

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