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Treviso v Munster



Should be 7-30 now as Warwick scores a fantastic chip-and-chase under the posts.

BP try at that.


Well Job done now home to prepare for big one next Friday.

Earls was superb today as was Hurley who could be a wildcard to sneak on to bench in 6Nations if any1 in squad ie Shaggy Earls Bowe or Kearney.

Thought ROG did well missed 2 hard kicks but well in fairness it was an armchair ride. Is there concern over Wally as he went off at half-time.

And well Howlett really seems to be playing for another year in Ireland as he has began to up his game lately.

Also JDV I think showed (alll be it against Treviso) that him and Earls is the best centre partnership we have and that don't mean Mafi a bad player or anything as he is one of Europes best just simply 3 doesn't go into 2.


Went to the pub, saw the last 10 min of the game, had a nice flirt with the new waitress and enjoyed the game.
Munster was playing very well and their last try was a lucky one. It seemed to me that the treviso defender smacked the ball up front and unlucky for him the Munster guy could score the last try. Might spend next weekend in the pub as well as I have some free time on my hands

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