TRF Meet Up (European, UK, Georgian or otherwise!)

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by St Helens RLFC, Oct 11, 2008.


Where should we go?

  1. Belgium

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  2. Cardiff

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  3. Krakow

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  4. Leicester (or some place near)

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  5. Leeds

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  6. London

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  7. Dublin

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  1. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I am free that weekend.

    As they say in Japanese Anime: "Lets go. Get it on. Easy Operation."

    Eurostar should be reasonable but lets see closer to when I get paid on the 20th of June before booking. If we get an early morning train it should be cheap and we'll get a full day in Belgium to do..erm..stuff..

    ..what do we do in Belgium again?

    EDIT: Checked and if we make a long weekend of it (head out friday morning and come back monday afternoon) then it comes to £74 pp rtn. I've been out of the public school system for about a decade, SHRLFan, but am I correct in saying that you'll be safely within the Summer Holiday period?

    Further Edit: Is An Tarbh still on the Continent? If so, can we come up with an excuse for him to save the usual inevitable wall of silence whenever the Irish are asked to go on an event that includes even the very remote possibility of alcohol being consumed? Do they even drink booze in Ireland anymore or is it all shipped abroad exclusively for export?
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  3. feicarsinn

    feicarsinn Guest

    aw we just don't want to embarrass yas :p
  4. bates

    bates Guest

    I just want to add that the 25th of July the Springboks are playing against New Zealand in Bloemfontyn.

    We could see the game together have some beers some laughs, maybe throw in a bqq, what do you think Laetca?
  5. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

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  6. Laetca

    Laetca Guest

    Well, we have a garden, a grill (possibly even two) and there is even a television, but it's not connected (other than to the power grid) so that would be a problem. I think the Irish Pub on the Groenplaats airs rugby matches though, as said it would be quite ironic to head to an Irish pub after crossing the chunnel but I think that can be summed up as following: 'meh'

    If I find a summer job (which I really do hope to find, as it's my only source of income :p) I'll most likely not be available on Friday or Monday but I doubt that would be a problem, as you are all grown up (legally that is :p ) and should be capable of walking through unknown land without a guide. I'd be a pretty shitty guide for that matter, I'll probably end up buying a map of Antwerp and discovering a shitload of stuff myself.

    (on another note, why is the advertisement for at the bottom of this page in Swedish/Norse/Danish?)

    As to activity's in Belgium: there is a street festival in Ghent (about an hour from Antwerp by train I think) and you can't come to Belgium without trying Belgian beer (yes, I realise you can buy Belgian beer im Ausland, but still) Other than that I don't know what you guys would be interested in, I somehow doubt it would be shopping, the zoo or architecture, which is a pity because those are all very good reasons to come to Antwerp XD
    I'll ask some of the Japanese tourists why they visit Belgium.
  7. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Oh no, there is such a huge range of Belgian beer that the variety that you get imported to the UK is a fraction of whats on offer! So it's going to be awesome.

    When you say "festival", do you mean a Beer festival?
  8. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    And we can chase fat americans in Bruges....

    *whistles in the direction of Nate and Matt (Who is practically a plastic welshman)*
  9. I'm finished up for the summer.
  10. Laetca

    Laetca Guest

    We'll have to see where to go, if we're going to do Ghent and Bruges I don't have to come up with things to do in Antwerp :p

    The festival is a folk/music/busker/outdoor sort of things.
  11. Hands up if you're interested then?

    *puts hands up*
  12. Laetca

    Laetca Guest

    Ow holy sh*t :s

    Okay, slight problem, just received an invitation to a friend's wedding, on the 25th of July! There is no way I can receive any one that weekend :s I hope no one asked for a vacation yet?!
    No stress though, is there a chance everyone who agreed to come could simply come the weekend before that (18+19 July)? The street festival starts that weekend so we wouldn't miss anything (not sure if there's a game that weekend though)

    Please let me know, so very very very sorry, didn't think they'd get married in the middle of freaking summer (costs are higher, more people on vacation, yaddayadda)

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  13. How dare your friend get married that weekend ;)
  14. Laetca

    Laetca Guest

    A reaction, someone read, thank cupcakes!I would never get married in the middle of summer, everything's more expensive (location, caterer, cake, if you have to have adjustments made to your dress it's the busiest time) and a lot of people are on holiday. Which is another reason I didn't expect them to get married in the middle of bloody summer :s
    (To be honest, I could get married in jeans and flipflops as long as the cake was glorious)

    If those who were planning on coming could let me know if they can make it the weekend earlier?
  15. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    erm well we can still do either the 25th of July or a weekend in August?
  16. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    erm well we can still do either the 25th of July or a weekend in August?
  17. Laetca

    Laetca Guest

    You guys could do it that weekend or in August, I just won't be able to house you :s
  18. Laetca

    Laetca Guest

    If anyone could/would make it the 18th, please let me know so I can let my parents know I won't be attending the family dinner. It's no problem at all if I don't go, but since it's quite a large family we always make reservations beforehand.

    So if you would please post if you are coming, or if you are not?
  19. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Is this the 18th of August.

    Do you attend a Belgian midget society by the way? That'd be awesome to visit..
  20. Laetca

    Laetca Guest

    This would be the weekend of 18-19 July, considering the fact I just flunked English Grammar this morning I will have to retake at least three classes in August/September, I will not my exam schedule until the first of August and I will need to study :s

    Since I was Spanish for the first twenty years of my life, shouldn't that be a Spanish midget society?
    When it comes to the women in my family, I am one of the taller ones (1.6 m!), not so when counting the men too.
    Would you qualify to attend a midget convention Pete?

    Also, how do people in Japan blow their noses?
  21. bates

    bates Guest

    Hi all,

    Sorry for the late reply but this morning my browser wasn't really co-operating.
    So like laetca said we should decide on a date and maybe start working on a 'who's coming list', as soon as we know how much people are attempting the first TRF meeting we can search for appropriate activities.
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