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Discussion in 'Site News & Suggestions' started by TRF_Saints, Jun 4, 2010.

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    Sorry to ask again, but currently, all three of TRF's owners are totally skint!

    We received a fantastic amount of donations for the new software and the new skin, which also cost money. With the added surprise of HB Studios being our official partners, I am sure you're all of the opinion that this is money well spent!

    The reason we need some more money is simple house keeping. The domain name is due for renewal in just over a month. I took out a 4 year renewal with my own money 4 years ago, and how has that time flown by... This time I was looking to have a 10 year renewal. Not only does it mean TRF is sorted for 10 years, it's also something of a bargain.

    There's also hosting costs. Until last summer we used to have adverts that paid for the hosting costs but they had to pull out because of the credit crunch. I am trying to source a new form of highly unnoticeable adverts but until I do, I've got about 4 months hosting left.

    I know you've paid up recently enough, it was in January in fact, but if just a few of you donated a couple of £ each then we'd have more than enough hosting to keep TRF going for a long, long time. I would really appreciate any sort of donations you can afford.

    The e-mail address for TRF PayPal is . Thanks for your ongoing support.
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