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TRF now has a MySpace

Well at least we are single, male and a capricorn...and have four friends...

Well done Teh Mite!
Ahhh Fantastic work Teh Mite!!!

Will add myself as a friend and whore it out!!!
f***! this arab ISP has done it agaiN! they f***ing blocked myspace..
Duuno how mit'll turn out, but news updates will be posted in the 'blog' section of MS.

Just think of it as TRF's cheep and cheesey website! :D
I can't believe no one thought of this idea earlier. Is there a way to spam inboxes on MySpace? If so, join a rugby group and start spreading the word.
Way ahead of you. I have to wait a week before I can spam the ms forums though.
There's a rugby league and rugby union group on MySpace. I'll join that and post a topic on their forum.
We have 23 Friends Now!!! Come on people please join us on MySpace and spread the word...
Wow, we have alot of member now! Are all of them rugby fans/members?


Bloody hell! Wish they all posted every day! We're getting there though, I'm very hopeful we can make a big name for ourselves in 2007.
I'm finding a lot of people adding me because of it, so it must be having some sort of knock on effect here. Come the world cup, it and here should be massive.
Great work Teh mite. Hope its gonna be a big hit!
*Edit: Thought this thread needs to be pinned to show everyone about our myspace site*