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TRF RWC Predictions Comp


An Tarbh

<div align="center">TRF RWC Predictions Comp


Well the biggest tournament in world rugby is just around the corner and the time is nigh to get the predictions comp going.

Rules are the same as the HEC predictions comp.

1 point for correct result. (Called a draw on the league table)

10 points for the correct score. (Called a win on the league table)

4 Points for the correct home/away score or within 3 points.

3 Points for guessing the home/away score within 4-6 points.

2 Points for guessing the home/away score within 7-10 points

To keep things interesting points will be doubled from the quarter final stage onwards

There will be six gamedays in the pool stage, with 1 each for the quarters, semis, playoff and final.


Highest Point total for each gameday + 1 Rep

1st Prize - 1st Place +20 Rep
2nd Prize - 2nd Place +12 Rep
3rd Prize - 3rd Place +8 Rep
4th Prize - 4th Place +5 Rep
Good Sportsmanship Prize - Last Place + 1 Rep

All Competitors - + 1 Rep for Taking Part

So sign up below and if you've any questions either post them here or pm me.


I'm up for this. There's three weeks to go, so I have just about enough time to prepare myself.


i'll give it a go. what better place to show my lack of knowledge of the sport.


i'm in too. its sounds good to me, but i dont know very much how am i going to do it. give me some lights... please... like when and where can we do it.


Here are mine:

Gameday 1

Friday, Sep 7 2007

France 28 v 12Argentina, 21:00

Saturday, Sep 8 2007

New Zealand 53 v 5 Italy, 13:45
Australia 40 v 8 Japan, 15:45
England 51 v 6 USA, 18:00

Sunday, Sep 9 2007

Wales 21 v 16 Canada, 14:00
South Africa 31 v 18 Samoa, 16:00
Scotland 45 v 12 Portugal, 18:00
Ireland 53 v 3 Nambia, 20:00