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TRF'ies 2018

Would you like to have TRF'ies 2018

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    Votes: 12 100.0%
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Apr 9, 2010
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Hi everyone

So the more active mods have been talking, and it seems like after a few requests received from you as members, we should look at the TRF'ies again.

So here's a poll for you to vote, pretty simple:

Yes, I want the TRF'ies to make a comeback
No, Ain't nobody got time fo' dat

For those of you who don't know what the TRF'ies is/was. It's TRF's awards to posters on the forum. There are nominations like best SH poster, NH poster, etc. Some fun ones as well.

But all we want to know is if you guys are interested in this or not?
Yeah that'd be great, it was always a bit of craic and never caused any issues!

Edit: I'd like to propose a new category; The most alpha bro. I think its important for the forum to know.

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