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TRFies Awards 2010!

Teh Mite

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Feb 16, 2005
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Good day fellow TRF'ers,

You read right, it's time for our annual and prestigious TRFies awards!

Most of you know how it goes but here's a recap.

1) Each member will post their nominations in their own thread where discussion can follow.
(Example: "Steve-o's Nominations")

2) Copy and Paste the following list and type in a members name you want to nominate.

1. Best General Poster:
2. Best Northern Hemisphere Poster:
3. Best Southern Hemisphere Poster:
4. Best League Poster:
5. Most Improved Member:
6. Most Underrated:
7. Best Video Games Poster:
8. The Jason Robinson award for most knowledgeable poster of both codes:
9. The "Comedy Genius" award for funniest poster:
10. The Stephen Fry award for cleverest member:
11. The Dubya award for least gramatically able member:
12. The Edmund Blackadder Award for the most quotable member:
13. The Best Newcomer:
14. Best Signature:
15. Best Avatar:
16. Best Thread:
17. Best Staff Member:

3) The top 3 nominated in each category will proceed to the polls.

4) Nominations will be open for 2 weeks. (28 May - 11 June)

5) The Polls will then be open for 1 week. (11 June - 18 June)

Even if you don't post so much but just read the forums, have a go for this one but just don't nominate yourself.

Follow this link for the TRFies Awards Forum!

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