Trivium: The Crusade

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by Goth Power, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Goth Power

    Goth Power Guest

    I "acquired" Trivium's new album last night after waiting a year for it. (Well nearly a year)

    And I love it, its got a fresh melodic sound and there isn't any screamish songs on there either so you guys might actually enjoy it.

    Its kind of like Metallica but 10X better with a fresher and more addictive sound and awsome solo's...the licks are sweet, and they deserve more, SO many more awards in the coming couple of years...

    I'm not going to tell anyone publicly how I got it but, if your interested PM me...

    Trivium's myspace with 3 of their new tracks featuring...
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  3. MonoTurd

    MonoTurd Guest

    i can tell this will be a popular topic

    lol and i wouldnt call:
    "And I love it, its got a fresh melodic sound and there isn't any screamish songs on there either so you guys might actually enjoy it.

    Its kind of like Metallica but 10X better with a fresher and more addictive sound and awsome solo's...the licks are sweet, and they deserve more, SO many more awards in the coming couple of years..."

    an "album review thingy"
  4. Goth Power

    Goth Power Guest

    I am just writing about it because many people have bashed how their past work is too screamish and that you can't understand a single word they are their new stuff...

    As much as I don't like Tool I can see fans of Tool liking them though...
  5. MonoTurd

    MonoTurd Guest

    ok fair enough.

    how about writing a proper review about it so that i could possibly consider thinking about maybe downloading one song off the new album?
  6. Goth Power

    Goth Power Guest

    Listen to their music, I'm not wrighting a proper review it would take me ages plus, the music says it if your that desperate then go the Trivium myspace because they have like 2 reviews already on there.

    Here is another one...
  7. MonoTurd

    MonoTurd Guest

    oh im sorry is this topic not called "Trivium: The Crusade, Latest album review thingy..."?

    i read the "album review thingy" bit and assumed that there was going to be at least some kind of half-assed dribble that could pass as a review, but i see no such thing and now i am being told that you wont write a review?! somethings not right there.

    why dont you write some emo crap like:
    "the dark lame lyrics wanted me to slit my wrists even more. the guys bad singing really reached out to me and i understood all the bullshit pain that he made up purely to sell this discharge of an album. i can really see that they've grown up since their last album and realised that no one likes to hear some pre-pubesent try-hard scream absolute crap that makes no sense to anyone"

    from the song When All Light Dies by Trivium
    "Make me swear if I see your face again
    I'd make you pay for the years of abuse
    f*** you
    Tie you up make you bleed tear you apart
    Limb from limb so many years I've held this in
    I want to take your life"

    thats some deep well thoughout lyrics there
  8. umosay

    umosay Guest

    It's better than their old carp but i've never really liked Trivium to be honest.

    10x better than Metallica... hah - more like Metallica wannabes IMO
  9. Goth Power

    Goth Power Guest

    I cant make you like their music I just thought some of you might prefer their new stuff, excuse me for suggesting/guiding you from shitty musical tastes.

    If you really don't like it, I can't do anything about it and I couldn't really care less to be honest.

    And the sub title is review thingy...meaning its not a serious review obviousley...

    (I was aiming it at MT not you Umo because I know you have taste in some areas of metal etc)
  10. umosay

    umosay Guest

    Exactly, Anthem isn't a bad song... but i'm more into melodic/melo death stuff

    All personal preference, i just couldn't stand the singing on their last albums tbh...
  11. Goth Power

    Goth Power Guest

    I can understand that, I mean its not to everybody's taste and I still listen to their last album quite frequently but if someone doesn't like it they just have tos ay it, they don't have to be some mindless arrogant ******* and start chatting **** about it.
  12. umosay

    umosay Guest

    They are bashed quite a bit for some reason... i think people dislike Heafy
  13. Goth Power

    Goth Power Guest

    Well a lot of Trivium fans have turned against them and hate their new stuff just because their isn't any screams in the new album.

    That has really ****** me off, the so-called fans hating their favourite band just because of a vocal change. I mean if they repeated the same style as music before it may have become repetitve and boring. I miss the old school stuff but I like what they are doing...
  14. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Maybe they've seen the light.

    Power to Monoturd for giving me the biggest laugh I've had on this forum since the caning Sambad gave Air Ben in the Emo topic.
  15. gjohn85

    gjohn85 Guest

    I seen they're new video on Scuzz tv & I thought the song wasn't that good, It felt like they rushed out the song & possibly the album.... although I have only heard the song once.
  16. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    Why don't they rename themselves "The Revenge Of Everyone Beat Up And Laughed At During School" ?

    Or TROEBUA LADS for short. Theres a lot of other names untaken too.

    I can see it now, "Here's The Crybabys, with their new single, Victimise Myself (before you can too). This new emo classic follows up their stunning debut single, The Last Tear On My Pillow".

    Hey I decided to write an emo song too. It took me 15 minutes. It's about........well I'll let you be the judge.

    Therapy Visit (Can't Get Over It/ Won't Get Over It)

    How could you say that it's in my head?
    I came to you, but you said I'm braindead
    I trusted you and you saw my tears
    Why did I see you, laughing at my fears?

    The injustice of it all has made me sick
    Just like that time I got paid to suck a dick
    Told me to grown up and get a life, it's true
    You smarmy ******* I can't believe I'm paying you

    Can't get over it
    Won't Get Over it
    I'm not listening to you any longer
    Can't get over it
    Won't get over it
    Your humiliation, just makes me stronger

    And when I told you that I had to end it all
    Why did you take me to the roof of the town hall?

    Can't get over it
    Won't get over it
    Tried to drown myself, stuck my head in a trough
    Can't get over it
    Won't get over it
    Instead of helping, you just laughed your ass off!

    So this is it, our sessions have finally ended now
    Lacks of answers have tears streaming from my brow
    I never finished telling what it was all about
    You left me here just crying my eyes out

    Be gentle on me critics, I'll get you all.
  17. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Emo Power is rushing down to the store as we speak!
  18. Serge

    Serge Guest

    <strike>Idiot</strike> <strike>dumbass</strike> That's one of the stupidest calls I've heard.

    I see the release date is in October and you have access to the interweb thingy. Oh I wonder how you got it. :rolleyes:
  19. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Woah a quick google search... and gasp! It's all over Bit*REMOVED*!

    If I download it, does that mean I'm as cool as Goth Power?
  20. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    Dare I say cooler? No, I guess I don't.
  21. dobrien7

    dobrien7 Guest

    Seeing as I have, am I?
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