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Troy Flavell



I think this is a good move for Flavell and NZ rugby,If he can clean up his act and just play rugby instead of always commiting a stupid penalty he can be a great player.

Flavell considers move to Crusaders

The Crusaders are one of three New Zealand franchises scrambling for former All Black forward Troy Flavell's services for next year's Rebel Sport Super 14 rugby series.

Flavell's New Zealand agent, Rob Brady, confirmed last night that Japan-based Flavell had "spoken directly with the Crusaders coaching staff" about a possible move to Canterbury.

"Troy has come back to me and said he would consider going there," Brady said.

Canterbury Rugby Union chief executive Hamish Riach and Crusaders coach Robbie Deans declined yesterday to comment about the Flavell bid.

The Wellington and Auckland unions are also negotiating for Flavell's services, Brady said.

The former North Harbour blindside flanker-lock played 15 tests for the All Blacks between 2000 and 2001, but was overlooked by John Mitchell and Robbie Deans for the 2003 World Cup.

Flavell, 28, joined Japanese club Toyota last year despite a plea by new All Blacks coach Graham Henry to stay in New Zealand.

Brady said Flavell's return was not "a done deal". Terms had yet to be agreed with the New Zealand Rugby Union. The selection deadline for aspiring 2006 Super 14 players is October 11.

Brady confirmed Flavell felt he had some unfinished business in New Zealand.

"First and foremost he would be the first to admit that he didn't reach his potential as an All Black, and he wants to come back and do that.

"Secondly, there's the next World Cup, and thirdly, there's his relationship with Graham Henry."

Brady said Flavell had had some dialogue with Henry, and "Graham's a guy that Troy would want to play for".

There had been "extensive interest" in Flavell's services, not only from the five Super 14-base franchises, but also from "teams that are being promoted to the (Air New Zealand NPC) first division".

Brady said players returning from overseas were a "cost-efficient" option to New Zealand unions because they did not attract the $125,000 transfer fee applied to All Blacks transferring internally between unions.

he shouldnt go to any of the top provinces..he should go back to north harbour

to much competition in the top provinces!

look at all there looseys and locks that the top provinces have...its too much competition
he shud settle in north habour with rawlinson at lock..or at 6

imagine the combo he and nick williams would form!!!
lol, so you would rather have him starting at Harbour and on the bench on the Blues?
where is he gonna fit in the blues?

Yeah he fits in perfect with Canterbury either replacing Maxwell since hes gone or he can switch places with Thorne.
Originally posted by THE CHIROPRACTOR101@Sep 19 2005, 02:37 PM
where is he gonna fit in the blues?

Your the one who said he should go to Harbour, which, last time I checked, was in the Blues Zone.
Originally posted by Ripper+Sep 19 2005, 08:27 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Ripper @ Sep 19 2005, 08:27 PM)</div>
<!--QuoteBegin-THE CHIROPRACTOR101
@Sep 19 2005, 02:37 PM
where is he gonna fit in the blues?

Your the one who said he should go to Harbour, which, last time I checked, was in the Blues Zone. [/b]
lol, phew, so im not the only one going mad around here!

yeah no room for him in the blues, but would love to see him team up with williams, if he were to go to harbor (and kaino if he made it into the blues)

He is a muppet.

And he is thick.

Bet you he stomps on someone, or bites, or punches someone, and ends up suspended in the Super 14, till he fades away to obscurity.
Ive seen troy flavell wondering around grey lynn in central auckland a few times now..could this mean anything?

also...the guy who posts as 'all blacks'

whats up with ur players thing like cullen-tongan lomu-tongan etc thing?

last time i looked cully wasnt an islander mate? and what are u trying to prove
that tongans and samoans are good at rugby..we already knew that mate.
i thought cullen was samoan, n maori...he played for the NZ maori couple of years ago against england.
Yea im not too sure,I didnt say he was Tongan,I was just saying he has Tongan Blood in him.

The NZ Herald and the Taimi Tonga both did family tree studies and found out his Grandmother has Tongan and German lines or something along those lines.
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
Flavell impresses Blues coach

By Wynne Gray

Utility Troy Flavell is likely to resume his Blues career as a lock but his Super 14 start may be delayed because of his overseas obligations.

Coach David Nucifora said Super 14 selections would not be ratified until next week but "it is pretty obvious Troy is a quality player and you want quality players in your teams".

The coach had watched Flavell play for his Toyota club during a visit to Japan this season and been impressed by the former All Black's skills and fitness.

He would need to adjust to a much stronger level of rugby in the Super 14 but was in very good shape and had the talent to cope.

A precedent for the selection of overseas-based New Zealanders was set with the return to the Crusaders of both Norm Maxwell and then Leon MacDonald.

As long as players signed for a province by last week's deadline they were eligible for the expanded Super 14 series.

Flavell could miss the opening few matches of the new competition if his Japanese club prospers in their post-Christmas matches.

The 28-year-old Flavell left New Zealand after a lengthy ban for stomping in the 2003 Super 12 series cost him a chance of selection for the domestic test programme, Tri-series and World Cup in Australia.

Nucifora saw Flavell as a lock who could also play loose forward and said he would probably use him initially in the Blues tight five.

The Blues loose forward selection choice is crowded though the ability of several like Flavell, Angus Macdonald and Bradley Mika to play lock will help the congestion.

If Auckland captain Justin Collins gets a repeat medical exemption to stay in Auckland to monitor his heart condition, Nucifora could be allowed to protect 25 players in his 28-strong squad.

"We are in the midst of going through those welfare issues so we have to wait and see," Nucifora said.

"You have only got to sit down and write down all the names of the guys who play in the back row up here and it is a real traffic jam."

Another candidate for loose forward popped up this week with the revelation former All Black Andrew Blowers had signed for Auckland.

Nucifora said he came with an impressive background but he had not seen much of his play.

There were still many issues to work through and the Blues would lose quality players in the draft to other franchises.

Injured halfback David Gibson had been cleared after surgery on his shoulder and neck and was expected to be fully fit by the New Year.

"We are getting pretty close to the final makeup. After you have watched this much football you should have a fair idea.

"We are pretty close on what we think we want," Nucifora said.

"Obviously we have issues. Part of the challenge is protecting the right players and trying to work out what other sides want and try and limit the damage on what we are going to lose."

Nucifora will be at Saturday's final against Otago at Eden Park to run his eye over Auckland's resources.

Auckland and Otago are expected to name their teams today.[/b]

woah pretty crowded with andrew blowers about...

lets see....ali williams,nick williams,angus mcdonald,jerome kaino,daniel braid,troy flavell,curtis haiu(?),gus collins...too much mayn..one of these guys should sign up wit the new perth team
Yeah, bit of a log jam there............

Looking at it you would obviously have to have Flavell and Ali Williams as locks, and Rawlinson is maybe the form lock of the NPC.

That leaves a choice between Mika/McDonald/Blowers/Kaino/Nick Williams/Braid/Collins/Curtis..........

Braid would have to be picked as the only specialist no 7. Blowers wouldn't have signed if he wasn't in the Blues, so consider him in (perhaps more as an impact player unless injuries occur). McDonald covers Lock, both flanks and no 8 - so he must be picked due to versatility. Kaino will not be released.

That then leaves Mika, Nick Williams, Collins and Curtis going for maybe only 2 positions.

Collins is gone, unless he can get the exemption mentioned in that article.......

Nick Williams is the only "true" no 8, and it would be a travesty if he was released -so good selection will see him in the final mix.

Curtis is an up and comer and I am suggesting he will get the nod over the more experienced, versatile Mika who will be released (unless Auckland can get him back as part of the other 4 squad positions when the super 12 coaches sit down to sort out the player pool).
Originally posted by sambad5@Oct 20 2005, 06:00 PM
doesnt flavel also play 7? possibly replace braid actually...
No Flav has never played openside, only 6 and lock................Braid is a must for the Blues.........

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