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Trying out rc2006



I read that R06 was the better game so I never tried out wc2006. I'm a hard core rugby gamer and am frustrated with r06 so I'm willing to give it a go. I've read that the defense tends to hold it's line which is great since my biggest peeve with r06 is the poor AI defense. Holes everywhere :angry:

Anyway I'll play it and give my review and comparison, even if it's a year too late. Can't wait for R08 although I'll most likely be pretty disappointed.
Hi mate. The game is good.. it suffers from a lack of fouls called, such as penalties and scrums, but it is a good game none the less. It is not for the purists, but a lot of the teams that matter are licensed.

You cant edit faces, or change them and some of them are very inaccurate, like George Gregan being whiter than black.

However, if you can get past that, it's a good knock around game.
It is a game so I can get past it. It's not like EA Rugby is the sim people seem to suggest and I can get past most of the flaws. The 'defensive line' flaw is pretty unforgivable though.
Well I had to order it online. Ordered it for pc, just wondering whether you guys play with a gamepad or not?
I use a Saitek rumble force gamepad, and it works well. The game is good, however the unlicensed teams is where the problem lays.

In my opinion the best features of the game are:-

Excellent player and cpu AI
Fun and enjoyable game, easy to play, but not for the diehard purist.
Excellent goal kicking system
Good graphics
Good feel to the game
Caters for all skills of gamer
Good licensed teams
Good range of licensed tourneys
Good scrum, ruck, maul and lineout systems
Kits can be updated with a couple of programs (baggi studio, dds converter)
Kicking system is good when you know how to do it and why (better for drop goals on certain angles etc)

The poor features of the game:-

No custom team/player editor other than team name and player name.
None, or very few attacking plays (dummy scissors etc)
Kicking doesnt really achieve anything
Hardly any penalties given for anything but knock-on.
Too few scrums
Rucks are slow
Opposition players can tackle you off-side (but you can too i think)
Super 14's are made up teams
unlicensed teams logos are wrong (i.e all blacks, wallabies) but can be fixed by modding (modding is editing the game outside of the game)
Some of the game animations are repetitive.
Tackling can be a little too aggressive on some animations.
Commentary is a little annoying, but i've heard worse!
Can't change game stats (i.e player stats or team rating) unless it is modded, but i havent worked it out yet.
Not always enough support for the lone runner.
Few moves off the base of forward play (i.e driving maul)

I love this game, it has a lot of promise, but seems like it was not finished. Game editors can be made to mod the game i'm sure, but most people prefer rugby06. I dont have a PS or xbox or any of that but i prefer to stick with this and figure out how to mod the game.

On some games you can actually adjust how the game runs, if you get the right programs.

If you want a tutorial on editing kits, and logos i can provide that. Also, it is worth noting that there is a 'cheat' for the game, which is the savegame file of someone who unlocked all the bonus features. That is downloadable off the net.

Happy RC06'ing!
Modding is good, just a shame we can't mod AI.

None, or very few attacking plays

I only used set plays in r06 for set pieces. Didn't find them all that worthwhile compared to just throwing the ball around.

Ruck speed will be a bit of a bummer, loved getting that quick ball. Lack of forward play is a bummer too. Was nice in r06 how you could keep it with the forwards and draw in defenders which opened up space out wide.
Ok I've given it a good 4-5 hrs so far so here are my first impressions:


- Much smoother running/passing game than R06.

- Much better AI. Player team AI supports the ball runner well and the AI maintains much better defensive lines than R06, whether it's for the player team or the AI team. AI did make some mistakes on goaline defense as a few times it allowed one of my guys to run right throw the whole, but generally goaline defense is very good.

- Much better set pieces and breakdowns. Scrums, lineouts, rucks and mauls and much better represented in RC2006. Rucks are probably the best of these compared to R06, making a break does not lead to an automatic turnover and allows you to maintain possession and put the pressure on.

- Career mode offers more features so should be a little more interesting.

- Kicks are executed quickly in RC2006 which is good but the aim is a little fast.

- edit, nearly forgot the ruck speed isn't that bad at all, you can't get quick quick ball, and sometimes the opposing AI interferes with quick ball which leads to my edited negative...


- Possession is quite easy to maintain but admittedly I've only been playing on fun level, so I guess I should expect that. I hope it becomes harder to maintain at intensive care. I think it's probable that intensive care will be a challenge compared to R06.

- Doesn't have the features of R06. Some are automatically included (such as flyhalf run) but others are missing such as pick and drives, passing to forwards (who are near the ruck, in RC2006 they basically start from the backline). Set plays are missing, although I almost never used them anyway. I also prefer the EA style of only needing to run into a player to tackle them. I'm not sure the scrumhalf can do a box kick.

- Kicking game seems to be less important, although hopefully that will change if intensive care is good at getting turnovers. The AI counterattacks well from kicks too.

-Sprint meter is back, but it refills much quicker than WCR so it isn't so bad. It's not a good feature though.

- edit, forgot to add that not giving penalties for offside is pretty poor but it's not a big deal. Problem is it occasionally stops 'quick' ball.

It did feel like RC2006 had less depth than R06, but it felt like it might ultimately be a more satisfying game. Hopefully some more gametime and intensive care will provide that.

They also sent me EA cricket 07 by mistake so I'm going to try that one out.
I haven't done much kicking. I prefer grubbers of rc2006 as well as having chip kicks. I'm undecided on the bombs since I haven't done much of it. I prefer the speed of the RC2006 kicking and at first the aim felt too fast, but it's probably a good thing since kicks should be a little unpredictable. I prefer the conversions of RC2006 too, so I guess at the moment I prefer wc2006 kicking.

AI is the biggest issue for me and rc2006 wins that one easily.

Add, I'm not sure how to do a step in this game. The manual says to press the L and R pass buttons but in what way?
Kicking is ok in RC06, but only really on the 'fun' level. And i always end up drop goaling with my hooker or prop!

The best settings for me to play on (especially if you are playing with a 1 star or 2 star team) is fun and on the tv style camera. Looks very nice, and plays very nice. You will find that you will play well but the scores stay lower on tv style, as it is harder to find the gaps, but find them you will.

I love this game, i just am very sad that the transfer mode is not available for the game proper, or that you can't select a proper team for career.

- graphical improvement
- much more fluid play
- more tournaments and a 'league' mode (like world league in R06)
- offloads (can't remember them in WRC)
- better maul/scrum control (no button mashing)
so by the sounds of it... 10 times better than WCR.. i bought the wrong game then!!
I was thinking of actually doing some patches for the game, mainly the international teams with past teams. Like from 2003, 1999, 1995 etc.. i was thinking of doing the British Lions from 1995-97.. players like Guscott, Gibbs, Stimpson, Johnson, Leonard etc.

It can be done for most teams, but some of the faces won't match until there is a way to alter them.

I'm adding Harlequins today as Otago Highlanders. The Quins kit, and some of the other teams are in the game directory for kits and graphics.
can u edit their stats?
I wonder if anyone on here can contact Trevor?, I have no idea what the game actually plays like having not tried it yet but it seems as though it showed potential from peoples reviews and descriptions.

Would it not be cool if we could get the code to crack the inner workings of the gameplay engine so we could create patches for it to turn this game into something more to our liking.

I do doubt it is possible but it was just a thought.
I am sure you can, but we need an editor to do so, as you can't do it in game. With all games, there is nearly nothing you can't edit, as long as you know how and do it properly, it works.

I have some experience of database editing, and for NBA Live 2003.. and for example, in that game you could alter a player's height, weight, tattoos and everything in the database. The NBA players in the game were locked, but in the database you could duplicate them, change them and i used to do that to make them fit my spec for another player.

I'm sure the same applies here, it's just not the file format the other game uses and i have no idea how edit dat files.

Regarding Trevor, he worked for Swordfish and they got gobbled up by another company, so he works for them now i assume, but contacting him and especially over this game is nearly impossible now.

Woosaah said he will work on a data editor. If he can get it to work, it'd be a start.
I am not sure how the rights etc works for rc2006 but for blic swordfish passed on everything they had to codemasters so that more games could be made and is one of the reasons blic 2007 came out. I think vivendi the company that bought swordfish may have the rights to anything rc2006 related. so getting access to rc2006 things like code would be very tricky I think.

this game is reasonably cheap nowadays might be a nice pick-up to play until rugby 08 comes out
EA games frustrate the heck out of me. Rugby 06 is probably better than RC2006 overall, but is absolutely pisspoor in key areas like defensive lines etc.

If this game had an editor, all the bugs could be fixed and the game would be jonah lomu-esque. Alas, no-one has figured out and editor yet.