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By Brenton Vannisselroy

Do you want to relive the Warriors at their best and take them back to the NRL Grand Final? If so, Rugby League 2 may be the game for you.

Rugby League 2 is the new and improved 2005 version of Stacey Jones Rugby League developed by Tru Blu Games.

For several years gaming freaks and sports fans were deprived of a league game and Stacey Jones Rugby League was a significant step in 2003 although it was rusty in some areas.

Tru Blu Games have tied up most of the loose ends and created a game that is far more user friendly and a great addition to any sports game selection.

If you are a fan of the NRL or rugby league in general then this game is really a must have to count down those empty months before the 2006 season.

The graphics are a definite step up from Stacey Jones Rugby League with the stadiums and player features frighteningly accurate.

You are able to play as teams from the NRL and the UK Superleague, including Stacey Jones as captain of his new French team Perpignan Catalans.

After progressing through the game special features can be unlocked including a 2004 season review and a beach stadium that provides extra enjoyment.

State of Origin, City/Country and the British County of Origin are other competitions that become available as well as international matches between the world's elite.

There is also a franchise mode that allows the user to become a coach extraordinaire and manage a club while also having the capability to coach internationally and in State of Origin.

Like all good sports games there is also a competition mode that allows you to create your own competition whether it be a knockout or season comp, which makes the game great to play with a few mates.

Owners of Stacey Jones Rugby League will be happy to know that the gameplay in its sequel is much improved with much more fluid and realistic action.

For those who want the excitement of scoring thousands of tries this game caters for your needs in a simple "school boy" level to start with. Then once you become more familiar with all of the controls there are increasing levels of difficulty to test even the most competent of players.

With no other league video games in the market this is a must have but when compared to other sports games it is lacking in a few minor areas.

The commentary leaves a little to be desired. Channel Nine's Andrew Voss, as in Stacey Jones Rugby League, is once again the sole commentator.

I would have hoped that the best in the business, Ray 'Rabbits' Warren, would have led a commentary team including expert comments from the likes of Peter Sterling and Paul Vautin.

The commentary is also a bit slow and behind the play, which is a shame as it detracts from the realism of matches.

When all's said and done, for all of us who will never be able to play league at the top level, this is the closest we can get to the real thing without all the pain, except to the thumbs that is![/b]

Hmm interesting, I think its a fair review there.
Originally posted by Parore@Dec 19 2005, 09:10 PM
it is lacking in a few minor areas.
Such as gameplay? I don't think commentary is a real issue yet they seem to indicate that is the major flaw. I would happily have no commentary at all if it meant that gameplay was tightened up. I really am frustrated that all the attention to detail and quality graphics are wasted by gameplay that does not live up to the promise.

My one big hope is that someone can patch the PC version, as with more responsive players this game could still become a post-patch classic