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UAE to bid for RLWC 2021

There's been some controversy recently in the United Arab Emirates regarding the Rugby League structure. Thankfully this seems to have been sorted following the successful bid to host some of the qualifying rugby league games. Rugby league in Dubai and the surrounding Emirates is still a growing sport and still in it's infancy. But thanks to Sol Mokdad who personally financed the rugby league in 2013-14, there has seen a lot of interest in the section of rugby. Sol had allegedly been arrested and charged for “falsely representing the UAE government and rugby in the UAE", but thanks to this news story and to the UAERF (government-appointed rulers of all rugby in the UAE), a lot more publicity about rugby league and general state of rugby in the Middle East has shown some very positive signs.

There are now more and more of the current rugby union format teams looking to offer rugby league fixtures such as the Dubai Sharks, Abu Dhabi Hurricanes among the most recent bigger clubs in the UAE. If you or someone you know is thinking of working in Dubai or the UAE and is interested in playing rugby, then choosing a rugby team will be a high priority for you. There a great selection of rugby clubs to choose from and a simple Google search will reveal the popular clubs or you can use our website which aims to help new expats find a rugby club in their area to join. Visit YallaRugby.com for a full list of rugby clubs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and surrounding areas.

We hope to see many more new players arriving to the UAE in the not to distant future!!
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