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UK Rugby Health Study

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Nov 12, 2015
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An online study aimed at assessing health impacts of ex-rugby players of all levels (physical tests also available for those who want them, and can get to Leeds easily).
This sort of study is a very, very good thing; so let's all help out if we can. This is "proper" medical research btw, not the sort of undergrad project we sometimes get asked about.

The cohorts they're looking for are: over 30s who used to play rugby; over 30s who used to play non-contact sport; or over 30s who haven't played sport since leaving school.


How's the mind and body holding up now that you've retired from rugby?
If you are a retired rugby player or non-contact sports athlete, or someone aged 30 years or over who has never taken part in competitive sport post school, we need your help to find out more about the long-term health implications of playing rugby – and it’s all for the good of the game.

This is the first international study of it's kind. The findings will be combined with those from the recently completed New Zealand Rugby Health project in an international effort for large scale evidence on player health post-retirement. This information will be shared with World Rugby and national governing bodies. By participating, you’ll be making a vital contribution to the welfare of future generations of rugby players.

(Just in case you're wondering... by 'retired' we mean from regular matches and training, the occasional game is fine).

In addition to completing the online questionnaires, you can attend a free clinical evaluation at the Carnegie Research Institute, Headingley Campus, at Leeds Beckett University for a more in-depth assessment of your health. For more information about what is involved in all parts of the study, please see the menu below or contact us.

This project is medical research, so if you want to take part we will need you to complete a consent form, confidentiality is assured. You will be asked to complete the two online questionnaires, which should take 20-30 minutes each.
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