Ultimate NH vs Ultimate SH?

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Thingimubob, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Thingimubob

    Thingimubob Guest

    been working on two evenly matched awesoem teams to face each other from teh NH and the SH, trying ti perfect it though. The squads I have atm, the NH has an extra edge for some reason:

    NH: (I just edited the Barbarians roster to make them.)

    1.A. Lo Cicero (Ita)
    2.M.Regan (Eng)
    3.A.Kopspion (Geo)
    4.M.Bortolami (Ita)
    5.B.Kay (Eng)
    6.Y.Nyanga* (Fra)
    7.M.Williams (Wal)
    8.R.Jones (Wal)
    9.JB.Elissalde (Fra)
    10.R.O'Gara* (Ire)
    11.S.Williams* (Wal)
    12.Y.Jauzion* (Fra)
    13.B.O'Driscoll* (Ire)
    14.J.Robinson * (Eng)
    15.G.Henson* (Wal) - I only stuck him at FB because I wanted a star player with a good boot and good tackling at FB. Want somebody with a bit more speed though.
    16.R.Ibanez (Fra), 17.R.Corrigan (Ire), 18.D.Grewcock (Eng), 19.S.Taylor (Sco), 20.M.Blair (Sco), 21.C.Paterson (Sco), 22.G D'Arcy (Ire)

    SH: (Used the Junior All Blacks for these - but always play them in White when I play with them)

    1.R.Roncero (Arg)
    2.J.Smit (SA)
    3.C.Hayman (NZ)
    4.D.Vickerman (Aus)
    5.V.Matfield (SA)
    6.S.Burger* (SA)
    7.R.McCaw* (NZ)
    8.J.Collins* (NZ)
    9.A.Pichot* (Arg)
    10.D.Carter* (NZ)
    11.J.Rokococo* (NZ)
    12.M.Giteau* (Aus)
    13.S.Rabeni (Fij) - Felt the team desperately need a PI player
    14.B.Habana* (SA)
    15.C.Latham* (Aus)
    16.A.Lutui (Ton), 17.K.Lensing (Nam), 18.I.Afeaki (Ton), 19.H.Tuilagi (Sam) 20.G.Gregan* (Aus), 21.N.Little (Fij), 22.F.Contepomi (Arg)

    Have only played one game against other International teams with the two teams, and one game as each against each other
    Results: NH 42 - 7 Australia
    SH 33 - 14 England
    NH 39 - 21 SH (Me playing NH)
    SH 27 - 24 NH (Me playing SH)

    Any changes I should make to either team?
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  3. jamtheman

    jamtheman Guest

    G.Smith (australia) > H.Tuilagi
  4. jawmalawm24

    jawmalawm24 Guest

    T.Umaga > S.Rabeni because he breaks alot of tackles and is also good on defence.
    B.Paulse > J.Rokocoko only because Joe can't keep up with Robinson or Williams speed rating
    L.Macdonald > M.Giteau because he can create turnovers nearly everytime he tackles
    a few others I'll post it when I can think of them
  5. candybum

    candybum Guest

    Jauzion sucks gee! put Lewsey in your team somewhere, excellent tackler, tackle breaker!

    They're decent teams, I'd go for some of the recommendations from jawmalawm24 tho.
  6. jamtheman

    jamtheman Guest

    are you going for a realistic SH v NH or just whoever the game puts in as the top ratings?

    I wouldnt put Umaga or Mcdonald in for giteau if its realistic
  7. Thingimubob

    Thingimubob Guest

    just genrally who's best rated atm.
    Am planning on doing the same type of thing at some point, but without star players.
  8. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Why is Ronan "I can only kick the ball" O'Gara your Barbarians 10?
  9. Thingimubob

    Thingimubob Guest

    prefer him to Johnny tbh.
  10. candybum

    candybum Guest

    Bergamasco (flanker/winger) for italy is a menace!
  11. dangandan

    dangandan Guest

    On form - for 08 and these players that are still playing for their country. These guys will be National teams for years to come.

    Southern Hemisphere XV:

    1/ T.Woodcock
    2/ K.Mealamu
    3/ N.Tialata
    4/ J.Ryan
    5/ A.Williams
    6/ S.Burger
    7/ R.Mccaw
    8/ J.Collins
    9/ B.Leonard
    10/ K.Beale - Carter has not been on form at all. and im a kiwi saying this.
    11/ J.Rokocoko
    12/ M.Giteau
    13/ I.Toeava
    14/ B.Habana
    15/ F.Steyn

    16/ A.Hore
    17/ A.Malmanche
    18/ K.Read
    19/ J.Smith - tempting to start him rather than Richie as i am going by form.
    20/ P.Weepu
    21/ D.Carter/N.Evans
    22/ V.Vito - Is said to be the next Jonah lomu at only 20 years of age and is an exciting player to watch.

    It is fair to say this is mainly a New Zealand side but the players ive chosen just seem to be on form and are eligble to make the 2011 World Cup.
  12. jamtheman

    jamtheman Guest

    how can you rate Beale over Butch James? Even over Berrick Barnes, Beale cant even tackle

    I.Toeava the best #13 in the SH? Jaque Fourie? Mortlock? Both 100000x better than him. He had 1 good super 14 and did nothing during the test season
  13. dangandan

    dangandan Guest

    haha this team is on form for 08 mate. The players you have just listed are how old? lol I've chosen a team that I feel are exceeding in tallent not decreasing. Beale is said to take the next no.10 jersey for Aus and rightly does so, this guy has overall skill or else why would he be rated so higly, he is particularly known for his stepping - braking the line/kicking/ and mobile strength that barnes doesn't have. Butch james however is good if you want to be playing defense with his size etc. but personally i wouldnt want to be aiming to play a game of defense - im sure this team could score tries. Mortlock?? now this guy is on borderline of movement my freind, he is a steady player but cannot improve at his age from that, toeava is being trained at the moment to also specialise in the number 12 jersey and with his steady game (because he has not played a crap one yet) he can only get better at such a young age. Im not having a go at you, but i dont know how much more jaque fourie can show us in todays game either.

    Tamati Ellison is also one to look for in account to future world class centres, depending on how the super 14 goes you might see him in the black jersey sooner than expected. He also took the captancy role for the wellington side last year, which is a bonus for such a young player.
  14. candybum

    candybum Guest

    Mortlock may not vastly improve from what he is now, but bloody heck he is awesome, can't really go from awesome to awesome-o? lol And Tamati Ellison has been around the rugby scene for a couple years now, hasn't really lit the world on fire, but he shows promise.

    While in real life, this team is awesome, or has the potential to be awesome, in 08 (the game) they suck lol (well a couple of them do, Tialata stinks on the game!!) unless you have the editor and on PC. Go Vito!
  15. dangandan

    dangandan Guest

    haha the point of the team i made was to show those players who would be sticking around for a while and are promising for their own national teams in 2011 and who i would want in my Southern Hemisphere team in 2008. Obvcorse people are going to hav different opinions so thats acceptable. Yeah i didn't say mortlock is bad, he just doesnt fit into the cryterior for my team as he was a bit edgey wether to leave rugby in aus this year - and that just shows his age in todays rugby. Otherwise, hell i could chuck in hayman, matfeild you name it.

    hahah yeah some of my players are not great on the rugby 08 game thats for sure! thats why the editor even more bril lol
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