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:wall: Ok - so I thought I could listen to either the Saints game right now or Wales v. England at the Millenium Stadium - I was able to stream the Saints game last weekend but now I can't due to 'contractual obligations' this is f***ing ridiculous - there goes my last resort - which was the BBC online streams - this is bulls**t no one else covers these games via radio in the U.S. so why would there be a effing 'contractual obligations' - I give up FFS it's just a f***ing radio broadcast who cares F This
i like fish [/b]

Wonderful contribution.

Goranski, i suggest you take O'Roth's advice and drown your sorrows in alcohol. It's undoubtedly the answer to everything.
i will! It's St. Paddy's Day and all the more reason to get obliterated - F**k I miss rugby though
If it's really that bad then do drink what i suggested in the 'Spirits' thread.
Metho (Methylated Spirits) and Orange Juice...but not more potent than a 1:5 ratio of Metho to O.J...1:10 is advisable
i think the green Jack Daniels and the assortment of mixed drinks did the trick...
do they not show rugby matches at sports pubs? there would have to be some kind of sport pub over there right that would?

but meh what i would i know?

i dont have this problem, we have rugby on pretty much all the time, it is all the time if you have the rugby channel :)
Yep...the Rugby Channel....Rugby 24/7 for the whole 365 days of the year.

Cool when you watch the games that are being broadcast in widescreen mode on your widescreen TV. I think NZ, England and maybe France do this....though not too sure about the French games.

I like watching the rugby shows from other countries and what they have to say.....really enjoyed the South African shows with Naas, Joel and that other guy. Always interesting hearing another perspective.

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