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Under the knife


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Sep 13, 2010
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Im going in for my op to replace the ACL in my right knee on thursday. Not a day to soon either considering I did it over a year ago now, but no point being bitter. I've done plenty of reading about the op and following rehab but just wondering if anyone here has had it done and has any advice, or just fancies letting me know how it feels in the first few days, how soon you were walking about etc.

Cant wait to get back on the field its basically meant i wont have played for two full seasons. But at least i should be rearing to go when next pre-season comes round. Also i've dropped about 2 stone since i did it, so maybe a positional switch to the heady, glorious heights of the backs is in order!

Cheers and wish me luck!


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Apr 27, 2008
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Good luck with it, hope everything goes well with the op and recovery,
I know two people who have had keyhole surgery on their ACLs (don't know the specifics of it, just that that's what it was)
One of them had it done around January time, and was playing again at the start of the season so, as you said, all things going well you'll be back for preseason

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