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Rugby Football, as we call it, has it's ancient origins bogged somewhere deep in the Crusades, a severed Dane's head and a lost wager by a couple of drunken English vicars, as legend has been orally conveyed. We'll probably never know the real truth as no one had mobile phones back then to send out an SMS informing us of the birth of the ultimate sport. What we do know is that the IRB (the appointed Dark Lords of the Rugby Universe) have created a list of modern rules (unfortunately they do not include bloody Dannish heads) that govern how we play this sport favoured by heaven. Rugby is a tough, brutish sport. It cannot be taken lightly. Rugby is played with passion, intensity, grace, fierocity, and for lack of a better word, balls (having typed "balls" I now realized I could have said something less crude like "gumption," but I love sensationalism). As a rugby player you will no doubt want to hone and develop the skills you were born with. This is where Universitas Rugbeia comes into play. Here at The Rugby Forum, we hope to offer you the best coaching advice possible. We scour the globe (okay, we scour google and talk to some drunk mates of ours in our local pub) to bring you the finest coaching advice for postion play, strength and conditioning training, and tactics. Have a question? Post it here. We'll get you into shape faster than you can say "I'm a lazy ******* who secretly cried during 'The Notebook.'"

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