Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by frontline, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. frontline

    frontline Guest

    Is there any in it, i reckon if u win the world cup or whatever then you should be able to open up something like a world xv that u can pick to play the lions that would be mad. Does anyone know of any extras that can be unlocked like there were in dare I say it, lomu?
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  3. davidson

    davidson Guest

    if you look at one of the screenshots, it says that once youve completed one of the tournements on hard or whatever they call it you unlock the ability to play against the lions as the home nation on tour mode.

    it would probably be a bit odd were that to be the only unlockable item.
  4. richllew

    richllew Guest

    won't lomu be on the game for the blues anyway?
  5. Boltman

    Boltman Guest

    Exactly what I was thinking myself.
  6. richllew

    richllew Guest

    great minds think alike [​IMG]
  7. Fullbackno1

    Fullbackno1 Guest

    has anyone actually unlocked anything yet? i just won a lions tour on elite and nothing happened, thought manybe get the ability to play against the lions? very hard tour, won the 3rd and deciding test 12 - 7.

    any info anyone has would be great
  8. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Where was the tour and what were the scores of the other tests?
  9. wkl

    wkl Guest

    I unlocked a video showing the wallabies training by beating the world cup on pro
  10. TheBokke

    TheBokke Guest

    Guys if you want to unlock the lions you have to win the league in WL on pro i think and it will unlock option I have seen the screen shot.

    PM Edinburough Gunner I think he know all the unlockable options.
  11. QKXV

    QKXV Guest

    Lomu is on the Cardiff Blues side as J. Lamo
  12. Griff

    Griff Guest

    I have had two e-mails regarding unlockable stuff on EA's rugby game, the first one says:-

    Hi xxxxxx,

    Thank you for completing the EA SPORTS Rugby 06 game registration survey. We
    value your comments and suggestions and look forward to hearing from you again.

    If you fill the Trophy Cabinet on Elite level, you can unlock the Representative
    Teams category for editing in Squad Management.

    Thank you,

    Your friends at Electronic Arts

    And the 2nd says:-

    Hi xxxxxxxx!

    Thank you for registering EA SPORTS Rugby 06.

    Did you know if you win the World League on Pro or Elite level, you unlock the
    ability to assign the controller to the Home team before entering a Lions Tour

    Remember, your EA Member Account automatically stores your information, making
    the game registration process quick and easy. Even better, you could receive a
    free cheat code or game hint, or an opportunity to receive special offers on EA
    games with each game you register.

    Have you taken our survey? Take a minute to help us improve your EA gaming
    experience. Visit

    Have Fun!

    Your friends at Electronic Arts
  13. disco123

    disco123 Guest

    Being able to edit the Barbarians and the Maoris has been an issue of mine for ages with EA's Rugby games. However Rugby 2010 will be out before I have a chance to complete the trophy cabinet on Elite level so if anyone finds a cheat for this let me know

  14. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Just PM raziel_eire and swear on one of your childhood pets graves that you won't tell anyone else and he will tell you... at least it worked for me.
  15. disco123

    disco123 Guest

    Thanks mate , I'll try my luck and maybe Raziel_Eire is even looking in on this threa..............
  16. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    all these unlockables sound koolness...

    makes us look forward to something when we play
  17. gallopaway

    gallopaway Guest

    the best unlockable in jlr was when they made a super team with xtra large and xtra small,super fast players. also the team that only consisted of jonah lomu's ............ that was awesome!!

    it will be cool if something similar was in rugby 06
  18. welchs

    welchs Guest

    what are lomus stats like or should i say wat r lamos stats like
  19. sizzler

    sizzler Guest

    not too bad. he has 77 overall. this includes about a 87 for speed and i think 92 for strength. i've put him in my NZ squad for the ten nations. You could definately find alot better though
  20. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    yeah lomu stats are disapointing

    i wish u could edit the stats and edit the name....the commentator still says "LOMU" though

    i will re-create the beast for multiplayer action........i mean u cant not have a rampaging JONAH............since JLR, he is trademarked as a weapon of destruction, no matter how old the fetish is :bravo:
  21. disco123

    disco123 Guest

    Has anybody unlocked anything apart from the Aussie at play video for winning the World Cup & playing against the Lions for winning WL on Elite ?
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