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Updated territory jerseys + surprise

Penne Rara

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Dec 27, 2016
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Hi all

I had some time to waste so I decided to bring some very slight modifications to Colossss' territory jerseys. Back then, the sponsors were still unknown, and Colossss had no idea which one to put, so he legitimately kept the current ones. I still think he should've gone for McDonald's, Pampers and Coca Cola (no advertising intended), but he wouldn't follow my advice.
I also modified the colors so that the (already clean) jerseys can be even more realistic.

On a more serious note, all credit goes to Colossss without whom we wouldn't be able to enjoy these beautiful jerseys:

blues3.png chiefs3.png crusaders3.png highlanders3.png hurricanes3.png

I also slipped in an SBW special for good bantz if you get bored

SBW_special12.png SBW_special13.png

PS: Oh and yes... I did the socks