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Upgrade Complete



The Upgrade is complete, now we need to get things back working again, so please bear with me, while i get things sorted...

If you spot an error please log it here


nicely done charlie and boys, nicely done

it looks very nice.

o and futuristic! :D

also is any new artwork(s) needed?

buttons, etc.
The reputation is gone and the post count is back.

Or else I missed some kind of decision relating to that...
with the upgrade we lost all modifications added to the boards, the rep system will be back, but just give me time...

so all the rep has gone? we all start at 10 or something?

Yeah, its a new system based on Posting quality, its a bit different to the old system... you can only give rep to a member in a post...

Lets see how it works...
man i lose all my hard earned rep :( oh well

and is there no negative reps now 2? aww man, and rugby relegion was almost back to 0.

if there isnt neg reps why do we start on 10 instead of 0?
I'm so confused about the new rep system... somebody enlighten me!!!
suggestion, make a thread explaining it...

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