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URC 2023/24 - Round 16

Surprised at that, really gunning for the 5 points. If we get there early I'd imagine we'll ring the changes.
Surprised at that, really gunning for the 5 points. If we get there early I'd imagine we'll ring the changes.
Had a feeling everyone playing the final would play a match this week or next week (a bit like how Saints tuned up for our game). Makes sense not to rest everyone and have them going in cold.

Hoping to see Ringer, Ryan and Keenan next week. We need them.
Cardiff playing like semi pros again...

They just conceded the most embarrassing try of the season.

On the attack in lions 22, they get penalised at the breakdown after 5 breakdowns they should have been penalised, lions 9 hoofs the ball 40 yards up the middle of the park for a chasing lions player to score untouched lol.

A professional team conceded a penalty in the opp 22, and were caught out not paying attention hahahahaha

And they have the gall to up my season ticket by 10%
All in all a good weekend for Leinster. We need maximum points to hold Munster off and give us a shot at 1st place. The blowout in the RDS isn't good for the league at all though, a legitimate, competitive league would never see a drubbing like that would it?

Huge for Benetton too. Legends.
Another utterly disastrous weekend for the Welsh teams. This cannot carry on.
I disagree, this can only carry on. There is literally no way out, all 4 are about to wave goodbye to at least 2/3 of their best players, and their academies are draining talent left right and centre...

The WRU are on a mission to kill the sport in Wales, and they are damn good at it!!!
For years, the WRU and wider Welsh game have been hiding behind the national side either delivering the best they can be, punching above their weight or living a charmed life.
Regardless of the reason, its kept the Millennium Stadium full and the money flowing in.

For years, the Celtic league (and its descendants) have been talked down in tandem with a weird infatuation of jumping in bed with the English.
Various excuses have been used - few (none?) of which carry much weight.

So attendances have been muck for a long time, with little sense of increased support base. The regions are now 20 years old.
Anyone younger than 25 years of age will have no real memory of anything else. That is prime audience for a Friday or Saturday night; young men and women with disposable income and no dependencies in to town to watch the game with mates, grab a couple of pints at the match then off out after.
They do it for the national side, so the potential is there.

Complete **** show for decades.
Watched back our game and being honest I think the ref kept them in it for a good while. Completely inconsistent reffing of the breakdown.

In any case a really great result. Zebo has absolutely rolled back the years this season. Bit of extra weight or not he's an extremely gifted player who produces incredible moments. Him and Murray going over the line was great to see. Currently the impact we are adding from the bench is proving hugely effective, but losing Carbery, Frisch and Snyman we will have way less opportunity to do that next year as it stands. Ahern sending Farrell to eat grass for his try was...... interesting.

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