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Hello everybody,
I´m new in the forum (I´m going to try to read all threads, but give me time) and I´m looking for the EA Rugby 2006 User´s Manual, and I can´t find it. Could you help me?

Thanks everybody

N.b I´m sorry about my poor English but it´s no my mother language.
is it in your room? have you looked under your bed?

sometimes i find my manuals sitting on the pc is it there.

ask your mum if she has seen it, they are a likely sorce as they love cleaning.

also ask your sister/brother maybe they picked it up thinking it was theirs?

Your long lost uncle may have it.
I got a user´s Manual (I get it since I bought the game), but I look a "digital versión" in order to read it at work during the lunch time and to use the images what appear in it.

N.b. I hope you are better playing Rubgy 2006 than making jokes

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