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Using custom lineups in world league



Hi I was reading somewhere that woosah's editor can be used to make it so that you can change the default team roster to your own custom roster so that the teams you play against in world league have use these rather than the default. But so far I can't figure out how to do this. I have tried using the editor and going to the teams section and then just pressing the save button to save my current lineups for certain teams I have specified using the ingame roster management, but when I go to play world league I am still coming up against the default lineups!!! Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.
um.. not quite yet, i havnt worked on it for a few weeks as i havnt had the motivation.

i really need to though. darfs editor can do it ifyou are desparate, though his doesnt do the team lineup.
Oh? Do you mean that Dharf's editor can be used to change the team lineups in World League? Blast, I was certain it was your editor woosah and someone mentioned something about saving the team lineups in your editor and these changes would then be reflected when you went to play world league. Sorry if I'm not being too clear with what I'm trying to say. But thanks for the reply and heres hoping the best editor made for the ea rugby series ever gets a few more updates :bravo:
i think woosaah tried but couldn't get it to save properly from a .ros file to a .rdf
no his one doesnt do team lineups.

ok ill work on this tomorrow and see how i go. i know some people would like it to work.

and to be honest it is hanging over my head a bit :D
Wow!!! Thanks for the effort Woosah it's much appreciated, well I will be sure to cruise by the forums regularly checking on updates. Good luck with getting it working I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy playing through world league again using custom lineups :D
I'm still praying for an Xbox version of an editor to be released. I'd even be happy to move from praying to paying if need be. :lol:
Hoooow much? PM your account details and I'll pay Trade Me style when you finish! :lol:
as if i would let anyone pay for my crappy editor. the only good thing about it is that it works :)
when it comes to money i dont joke about it, cause i hardly have any :) and if anyone was going to pay me for it, i would rather not get paid by money, its not worth money :)
How about begging?

Please Woosaah, kind Sir, please have mercy on this poor Xbox owning sap. If you did this for me and the other X-box owners out there, we'd rever you as our god forever. We would make offerings of rep points and so forth, please, plllleaaasssee, pllllllleeeeeaassse? :(

Now I've tried nearly everything. :D

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