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Van Rooyen Gets the Boot



The Annual General Meeting of SA Rugby Union has given Oregan Hoskins the mandate to lead the organisation for the next two years.
Hoskins won the majority vote in a contest with the incumbent, Brian Van Rooyen, in a poll among the 14 SA Rugby Union’s Provinces today.

The electorate has elevated former Vice-President Mike Stofile to the next level â€" he is now Deputy President. He won the contest against the Golden Lion’s Mark Alexander. Western Province’s Koos Basson is now Vice-President, having vanquished Blue Bull’s Bobby Fick and Rautie Rautenbach, of the Falcons in a closely-contested vote.

In his acceptance speech, Hoskins expressed his sincere thanks to the out-going President, and committed himself to working closely with the Provinces. “I am indebted to the 14 Provinces for their support and confidence in my leadership.â€

The AGM also confirmed that SA Rugby Union has made a profit for the year-end December 31, 2005.

The income statement for the year reflects a net profit of R6.4 million, after tax. The amount is a significant turnaround from the R12.8 million loss incurred in the fifteen months ended 31 December 2004 - of which R7.8 million was attributable to certain abnormal items.

Group reserves reached R38 million at 31 December 2005, which includes R28 million in cash and short-term investments.

The improvement in operating results was achieved largely through tighter control over expenditure.

The group’s overall financial position has been further strengthened through the successful objection to assessments raised by the Receiver of Revenue to the value of R28 million, regarding Value Added Tax in respect of certain broadcasting rights income earned in previous years, as noted in the group’s 2004 financial statements as a contingent liability.

However, provision has been made, as a prior year adjustment, for an amount of R3.4 million, in respect of taxes underprovided for the 2001 and 2002 tax years.

With a new broadcasting contract and ongoing sponsorship contracts in place, SA Rugby expects to achieve at least similar profit in 2006.

courtesy of www.sarugby.net
Didn't they make a decision on the SA relegation system today.??

Does anyone know if the last placed SA team will be relegated for 2yrs (next year??
Nothing yet about the relegation issue...

Though Hoskins has previously stated he is against relegation / promotion from Super 14, as is my understanding.
Its a stupid idea..... there's hardly enough talent to fill the 5 teams there is.

...and half the players from the relgated team are gonna miss out on Super 14 rugby next year..... its not really fair IMO
This is what Hoskins said during the week regarding relegation.

From Planet-Rugby.com

Hoskins says no to relegation and Markgraaff
Wednesday February 22 2006
There are other ways to bring Eastern Cape rugby back'
In a radio interview with SAFM, Oregan Hoskins, a candidate opposing Brian van Rooyen for the position of president of the South African Rugby Union (SARU), said that he was opposed to the idea of the relegation of one of the five Super 14 franchises after the current Super 14 has run its course.

When SARU allotted the fifth South African franchise in the Super 14, expanded this year from the Super 12, there was much opposition from the government who wanted the franchise to go to the Eastern Cape.

A compromise of a kind was reached with the establishment of the Southern Spears as a franchise in the Eastern Cape with the promise of promotion to the Super 14 in 2007 when the bottom South African team of 2006 would be relegated.

Hoskins said: "Relegation would create terrible divisions in our rugby. It would produce the sort of enmity we do not need.

"There are other ways to bring Eastern Cape rugby back to its former glory without breaking down unions who have made the effort to build themselves up.

"We can still develop the Spears and give the Eastern Cape a share in Super 14 rugby."

Asked, following some reports in sections of the media, if he intended to bring Andre Markgraaff back into rugby to oversee coaching, Hoskins said: "The answer is simply No. I have not made any deal with Markgraaff or in fact spoken to him about any such position."

He also said that he and Brian van Rooyen "chatted the way rugby men do" but that they differed professionally. His style was to move away from any form of dictatorial governance.

He said to that there was much to be proud of in South African rugby which had the great possibility of contributing to unity in the country. "We need the spirit of 1995 back."

Asked if he expected to win Friday's election, Hoskins said: "Yes."
It like communism sounds good in theory but the actual effects are crap. The positive is all 5 teams will play at their best. Negatives half of the players go missing, lack of competitive rugby for these players for 2 years, another set of 12 odd players that have probably never played super 14 which could mean another easy beat team. Stay with the 5 and let them build a foundation.