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Varsity Cup 2015: The return of the White Card


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Apr 9, 2010
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So the South African Varsity Cup tournament is almost about to start, and it was announce yesterday that they will continue with the experimentation.

Founder of the Varsity Cup, Francois Pienaar, said that it will be the return of the White Card. Where captains and coaches can ask for the TMO to show a replay of an incident which might have been missed by the referee.

Another change is the Defensive Scrumhalf. During scrums, the defense team's scrumhalf is not allowed to go past the mouth of the scrum. This will ensure more attacking rugby, and prevent the spoiling of quality ball at scrum time.

Great additions to the rules all round! I was a big fan of the white card particularly.
Aren't they also introducing an additional referee on the field ? I heard something along those lines.
So yet another successful season of Varsity Cup Rugby ended last night. And what a dominant display by the Shimlas.

I couldn't help but to cheer them on, when I heard that one of their players was from my hometown. I dated his sister in High School.

To win 63-33 in a final is a display of dominance, and rightfully so, the Shimlas didn't lose a single game all season. Franco Smith must be such a proud coach right now.
Interesting. Could someone explain the finer details of how this works please? I.e. how many challenges go you get and do you lose one for a successful challenge? I'll be particularly interested in the effect that it has on scrums, where props will be all too aware when their opposite number is breaking the laws. If a successful challenge rolls over, it could lead to some stop start games with every binding / boring offence white carded, but eventually tidy up scrums no end.
Did you guys catch the match last night between the Varsity Cup Dream Team and the U/20 Baby Boks?

I'm very excited about the future of SA rugby...

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