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Discussion in 'International Test Matches' started by vuneddy, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. vuneddy

    vuneddy Guest

    i want to kwon what do you think of vincent clerc?

    for me i think it is a great player the best winger of the french
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  3. shtove

    shtove Guest

    He had his own thread a couple of months ago. Then everyone started talking about Shane Williams.

    If you don't win, you lose.

    Disgraceful that Clerc comes on to TRF after the 6N to blow his own trumpet.
  4. poupouxx

    poupouxx Guest

    vincent is a very good player with an gaz powerfull but i think that his technics is not so developped
  5. Sir Speedy

    Sir Speedy Guest

    Nice spam. Any particular reason why? :blink:
  6. Davidz81

    Davidz81 Guest

    I agree that vincent is a very good player,
    but I agree also with tha fact that his technics is not so developped...

    There are a lot of player better than him in Europe...
  7. Sir Speedy

    Sir Speedy Guest

    Well, only three according to the Six Nations since three players (Ryan Jones, Parisse and Shane) finished above him in the Player of the Tournament poll. But I agree, he isn't the finished article yet.
  8. He had no chances in the last two games he played because the ball was slow and against England they had no go-forward. When Clerc did get the oppurtunities he was awesome.
  9. camelback

    camelback Guest

    Well, the question is now different, because of his very important injury he had last saturday. The question now is more like " would he regain his past level ? ".

    A couple of month ago, i thought he was overrated, because he has a very special playstyle. But he can be awesome, and can win 3 or 4 face-to-face in one run.
  10. mabi59

    mabi59 Guest

    Hello , I'm realy disapointed by Vincent's wounded. :cryy:
    I think he will become early :bravo:
  11. nako87

    nako87 Guest

    Good winger, but Heymans is still my favourite. I'm ****** off he's playing fullback this year.
  12. Goomba

    Goomba Guest

    I think that Heyman's future is playing Fullback. A great future ^^
    We 've got a lot of great other wingers in France (as in Toulouse: Clerc, Donguy, Médard are all good)
  13. Sir Speedy

    Sir Speedy Guest

    He's a fricking genius though! That try he set up against Munster and his try against Clermont earlier in the year were both moments of utter genius and flair.
  14. cdmdu

    cdmdu Guest

    Vincent smells the rugby!

    He ever has a solution. A new Bernat-Salles but so much better physical!
  15. what an insult... :eek:
  16. Eche_17

    Eche_17 Guest


    I prefer Cedric Heymans.
  17. DonBilly

    DonBilly Guest

    what an insult... :eek:

  18. hotaie

    hotaie Guest

    dominici the best for me and now heymans cler and rougerie in mi top 3
  19. chingnow

    chingnow Guest

    I think clerc is the best winger in france but rougerie is also pretty good
    is dominici retired? :S
  20. ollybarkley

    ollybarkley Guest

    If Dominici isn't retired, he should be. Looked terrible at the WC.

    Think Clerc is a classic example of a pure-out and out finisher. Get him the ball and he will finish plays with his quick cuts, crazy acceleration, and his eye for the line. But defensively and his passing/kicking game aren't as well developed as they could be. I think he is one of the best finishers in Europe, but I rate Shane Williams is a more complete player, because of his better passing and kicking skills.

    Agree that Heymans is better at FB for France, as they don't have too many options there, but plenty at wing, so he ensures himself more playing time, but he really needs to work on his tackling, cuz after that game against London Irish last season.....yikes!
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