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Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by nam97, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. nam97

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    1. Best General Poster: Gingergenius
    2. Best Northern Hemisphere Poster: An Tarbh
    3. Best Southern Hemisphere Poster: Steve-o
    4. Most Knowledgeable Rugby Union Poster: Gay Guy
    5. Most Knowledgeable Rugby League Poster: St. Helen's RLFC
    6. Most Improved Member: Gingergenius
    7. Most Underrated: shtove
    8. Best Arguer: Prestwick
    9. Best Games Poster: Fa'atau82
    10. The Lote Tuqiri award for most knowledgeable poster of both codes: Vambo
    11. The "Comedy Genius" award for funniest poster: Prestwick
    12. The Stephen Fry award for cleverest member: shtove
    13. The Dubya award for least gramatically able member: jawmalawm (sp?)
    14. The Edmund Blackadder Award for the most quotable member: Teh Mite
    15. The Best Newcomer: Hall
    16. Best Signature: tommowins (that "Interview with a Vampire" clip always gets me)
    17. Best Avatar: Intercept King JDV
    18. Best Thread: Tri Nations: New Zealand vs South Africa (Dunedin, 12 July - Game 2)
    19. Biggest Fall from Quality Posting Grace: O'Rothlain
    20. Sexiest TRFer: Laetca
    21. Biggest Bullshitter: Danny (but makes very valid points also)
    22. Most Overrated: Prestwick ( ;) , couldn't think of anyone so I'm picking on you)
    23. Best Contributor: An Tarbh
    24. Most Established Member: Sir. Speedy (has a scarily high post count :lol: )
    25. Best Staff Member: An Tarbh

    PS. Uni is a right c*** right now which is why my posting has faded some what, I'll try to make more of an effort to get on here though.
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  3. Sir Speedy

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