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Wakefields chances next season?



What do you think the chances are of Wakefield Trinity Wildcats getting in to the top six next season? I do a little Rugby League Betting and Im thinking of having a bet on them getting there, however i've been wrong before (too often) so any advice?
Research find out as much as you can about the team and form do that and you should go well. :)
They only missed out on the play offs last season by a couple of points. They should be in the shake up. However, I don't think they will make it into the 6. If Wigan haven't cheated (again) then they will finish in the 6 comfortably and Warrington are much, much improved for next season, and so I think they will see off the challenge from Wakefield.

However, you never know. Wakefield have recruited wisely so far and have got better, certainly not worse.

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