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Wales owned by England



my thoughts are simple on this match.

i think that england do have a better side, and if they click it will be extremely hard for wales to do anything.

however erikson is playing a 4-5-1 which is an un tested formation for this current group of english players, another obvious weakness is luke young who has been given the unenviable job of marking ryan giggs.

my heart is saying wales, i just hope the fans can really get behind them and generate so much passion that it will just overwhelm the english and fire us up.

discuss match:
England to win 1-0.

Wales will put a lot of huff and puff in but I think England are going to win.
On paper, Wales should get stuffed in this game, but being as Erickson is a daft prick with less sense than a dyslexic monkey I suspect Wales will sneak in the back door and get this one.

Unless Owen has somthing to say about it...
When Owen returns, do you reckon he will revert to 4-4-2 even if his new formation works well.

I don't think so, he has less backbone than a snake.
it would be great if wales won - but its football now and where about as good as football as the english are as good as rugby.

but we have the home advantage and the millenium stadium is a great stadia.
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@Sep 3 2005, 01:15 AM
Owen is suspended.
Wales Win [/b]
Ohhhhhhh, we are really scared!

If Wales win, it would be the most embarrassing moment in English football history, ranking above getting beaten by the Aussies in football a few years back.
well my hopes are low - but if we win it would be the greatest footie thing since we beat england 4 - 1 in 1980.
I'm not intimidated about playing Wales without Owen. I want to see how they cope with Lampard and Gerrard being let off the leash by only playing 1 up front.
Originally posted by loratadine@Sep 3 2005, 05:52 AM
wales need to exploit the obvious weakness of luke young.
Uh, no. The obvious weakness is Beckham playing def mid, him being in the team and captain.
well thats is a weakness too - but beckham is a proven player on the big stage not like your mr. young.
Not at defence midfield.

Beckham is just a marketing footballer. Young is young and will be a breath of fresh air for the team.
Handy win for England, no doubt, doesn't matter what team Sven puts put tomorow there's enough strength in depth to beat Wales, who despite a decent campaign the last time out have shown their real form this time round.
Much more intersting match is Ireland vs France IMO. Big Game.

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thanks an tarbh i thought we were celtic brothers.[/CODE][/b]

it's strange to think that there'll be less Irish fans at the match on Wednesday than there were in Paris last October.
Originally posted by An Tarbh@Sep 3 2005, 09:11 AM
it's strange to think that there'll be less Irish fans at the match on Wednesday than there were in Paris last October.
How come?

Is Lansdowne being re-developed yet?

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