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Wales V Argentina



Annoyed me more was Shane's first try he ain't scored in ages and had to be pushed over by Martyn Williams because Shane wanted to do his celebration under the posts. Just wish he would concentrate on scoring and celebrating afterwards!


Well the poll at the top should tell its own story about that topic. If the majority of people though Argentina would be winning this one after their turgid display against England their opinions don't hold that much credibility.


I was at the game last weekend and what a day it was. The weather in Cardiff was miserable but the rugby was sublime at times. Not perfect by any means, a few errors here and there need to be sorted out before the Aussies come to town. But i got to see Shane weave his magic twice with 2 very well taken tries (thought he could have made his 1st trie a lot easier on himself though!) and Stephen Jones's cheeky tap-and-run trie was scored right in front of me. I always love going to the Millenium Stadium and have yet to see Wales lose whenever i go. I just can't wait for the 6 nations now, me and my mate are gonna try our very best to get to the Scotland or Italy game.

This is where i was sat at the weekend, row 2:


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