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Watford FC on the brink of administration, Saracens mildly concerned!

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This whole saga has caused quite a stir on the Saracens fan forums with a majority of opinion pointing to this probably being a bad thing in the short term as if Watford FC go under that would mean Saracens being locked out of faulty towers and having to seek another ground to play at and as there aren't many 12,000 seater stadia sitting around lying empty in the South East of England and hopes that the RFU might relax their rules on dual use Stadiums to allow Saracens to stay in London we might even end up sharing with another rugby club as an interim measure.

For one Saracens fan board guy (who, because he knows the people who run the London O2, thus makes him the world authority on everything financial and everything else) has spent the last 6 months banging on about moving to the Olympic Stadium despite..uh..it not being ready yet, lol
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