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We need players




I´m the captain of a spanish rugby club. We are situated in the north of Spain.

The club aspire to promote the next season and need to reinforce some positions.

Specifically, the club is looking for 2 forward and 1 back:

1. One lock forward that can play as flanker too. Must be a tall player.
2. One number 8.
3. One fly half that kick penalties (and convert it :p )

We can offer:

-Job in the building industry.
-Salary of 1240â'¬ at month (12 wages at year): 9 hours of job at day, from monday to friday.
-No legal problems about job, stay, etc.
-Inmediatly incorporation. In 2 or 3 weeks must be in Spain to start train.

Initially, we prefer romanian or georgian players, but we can hear all offers.

All interested players please, mail me to [email protected] . Sorry, but I will resolve doubts only by mail.

Please, mail only auntentic interested players. Abstain curious.
Excuse me for my poor english :blink:
I'd love to play rugby in spain, the only thing holding me back is being a brilliant rugby player and that whole working for 9 hours a day in construction.
How about I visit and you introduce me to some senoritas?
Where in the north? Cuase you probably need to mention that people who learnt spanish in US or something won't be able to understand the people living in Galicia, Pays Vasco u Catalunia.
If your looking for a Fly Half look no further than a bright, young star called Lavea.

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