welcome andrew johns

Discussion in 'NRL / Southern Hemisphere' started by THE CHIROPRACTOR101, May 4, 2006.


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  3. dobrien7

    dobrien7 Guest

    That's pretty cool isn't it, go out the way you want at home, then do something for only the second time in history, sweet... plus he'd fit in just nicely :p
  4. yep..add another 30 points on the score cards when johns is playing for us against the brits
  5. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Johns and Marshall halves pairing... hmmm would be interesting.
  6. Candyman

    Candyman Guest

    Man that would be awesome to have johns be a guest player who would ever of guessed johns playing for the kiwi side i would not of.

    Lets hope he doesn't injure himself playing for us or we might not hear the end of it
  7. And that is highly likely.
  8. Well..i dont really like the guy..an ok idea :p

    Would he be wearing a black and white jersey??...that would look...wrong... :huh:
  9. add sonny and benji to that list and they can have a party on the side line :D

    i guess so...

    johns doing the haka :lol: ...that would be a sight
  10. Lol, he'd be 1 of the many few white men in the team :p

    Hahaha Ruben Wiki shall make him drink kava :p
  11. Candyman

    Candyman Guest

    Well i think the kiwis hearts just weren't in last nights game as the score line shows
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