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Welcome in Nantes



Hi there !

my name is Ludo, I m French and live in Nantes. I m the publican of the webb ellis (and co.) café rugby and of course preparing RWC I just wanted to introduce the place and tell you we ll do our best to make you enjoy RWC, share with you our passion and give you the help we can if you need some. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

I already can tell you to get in touch with Adrian Chess he's the president of the association Nantes/Cardiff. Particularly for hospitalities, business and culture he could be very helpfull ! He cans provide rooms with locals, that are less expensive than staying in hotels.

If you want, you can have a look at our web site www.webbellis.eu that is a little bit translated in English. I promise, I m workin on it ! (in the links/liens area you can contact Adrian by clicking on "Britthouse" or at [email protected].

Apologies : I m writing the way I speak, it ll be the same on the website I ll do efforts, but if you understand me, that's the most important !

thank you for reading this message.


Ludovic Mocard
webb ellis (and co.) café rugby nantes - france


YEahhhhh food :p :p :p
I like the website!!
In a couple of weeks i'm planning on a trip to france, maybe i'll stop by ;)

ps. if you sponsor trf, you'll get a banner on the site, thus better publicity ;)
sorry, i'm a money-ho :p


c'est bon mon gars si ta quelques problemes avec l'anglais on pourra toujours t'aider !!! ;-)


Cheers for linking to us mate, if you can get us a banner we will be more than happy to link you up..

Once again Cheers Bud, and the site is fantastic...

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