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    Sep 25, 2006
    Welcome to the All New Rugby Forum
    /images/stories/trf.png We are pleased to finally be able to release the new version of The Rugby Forum, its been in development for a couple of weeks, and has caused some major and minor headaches for us, especially as its such a big change with a lot of work surrounding it. The first Major change you will see is the TRF Portal has been transformed completely over the last couple of days, we are now able to post articles in a more professional and clear manner, which will double the content we will be able to host. We will also be hosting several blogs from members of staff and looking to recruit more members to make regular blogs. The Rugby forum front page is fully integrated with the forum now, so you should be able to log into the forum by using the box on the left of the page.We have also upgraded the forum and have moved the forum to a new location, this means that for a short period there won't be any downloads available but we will inform you when we are able to have them backup and working. This is due to working out a fairer spam free way of allowing people to download them. Also some images may not appear this may be due to the location change, all you need to do to change it just make sure the file points to "www.therugbyforum.com/forum/....." We have lost some of the mods we had available but will be introducing some new and exciting features over the next couple of weeks, which we will obviously keep you updated on. So be sure to have a look round and see what you think, also to get to the Forum use the top menu above. Cheers for the Patience whilst these changes take place and if you have any queries please contact me or Prestwick or any other member of the team or post your query in the forum feedback. Thanks Once Again. Charlie (Getofmeland)

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