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Well well well...



Good to see and read all of you - it's been a while.

As most of you probably know I've followed the EA Rugby series (all rugby games for that matter) extremely closely, right from EA Sports Rugby World Cup '99, which was then delayed and called Rugby 2000, which was then delayed again and renamed Rugby 2001 (also released a wee while after for the PS2 as EA SPORTS Rugby), and then Rugby 2004... Also at a stage being the EA SPORTS Rugby forum moderator. And, as you can probably guess I've been following Rugby 2005 very, very closley, and have been visiting here as a guest for a wee while now.

Now, from keeping a rather distant and reserved approach to this up-coming ***le, and not to mention, a rather professional start to this post, I'm afarid I'm going to have to drop these professional standards as my anticipation for this ***le has (who was I kidding) finally got the better of me.

It looks fantastic. It looks like EA and HB may have gotten it right this time! (I was actually quite worried when I heard HB were having another crack at the Rugby series, I think I would have given them the boot after Rugby 2004; possibily the ugliest game ever made) - I know it's not perfect by any means, but Rugby 2005 looks very good nonetheless.

Anyway, I run the risk of drifting even more off course.

Looking forward to this ***le very much.
It's been great seeing a lot of familar faces (or nicknames rather).
Locksey, doing a great job as usual.
Umosay (www.rugby2005.tk), great website.

Cheers guys.
I'm trying not to get the rugby bug again, but if you see a few more posts from me you know I'm beyond repair


Jamie Gough
[email protected]
Welcome back m8

Was it u that had a website about rugby 2001 or 2004??
I think it was called 'Goughy's Rugby Site'

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