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Wellens and Reihana




This one didn't come out nearly as well as I'd hoped for, maybe a re-do is in order.
That's a really good one, mate.
Top job.
Shame about the face Wellens is making, but it's miles better than a constant reminder of a certain kicking...
Shame about you both being glory hunters. [/b]


I think i can safely say, had Dan been a Wigan supporter i would have gone on to support Wigan.
I supported them first to support Dan when we were in Cardiff.
As i'm sure Dan will adopt Ospreys as his fav Welsh team - it's a respect for each others teams.
I just so happen to have gotten caught in the great game and their great way of playing.

...plus i like glory hunting.

Now where's that All Blacks rugby jersey/Brazil football jersey/London Wasps rugby jersey/Man Utd. footy jersey?

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