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west indian cricket



What on earth has happened to the windies - from what i have got to watch of the tour - this team has got to be one of the poorest teams they have ever brought to the isles.

bereft of any classy hitters, energetic but novice bowlers and very few potential stars of the future - at the moment i cannot see the benefit of England thrashing such an illequipped west Indian team -apart from the kudos that comes from it!
ronarrin, what do you agree with?

you just went to a couple of threads and wrote 1 liner posts that mean absolutely nothing.
HOT TIP: you will NOT get into the rugby 08 section with crappy posts like that. post something meaningful and you will enjoy this place a hell of a lot more, and find that the gaming section is the part you check on the least...

i would neg rep you except that you are so new i'll give you the benefit of the doubt... [/b]
Nah, you should neg rep him.

I feel sorry for the state of West Indian cricket :( They were so all mighty and powerful back in the 80's and now can't even lift for a home CWC. I hope the future brings light!
That is a fair point, some good batting and some silly batting from England and suddenly they win 2-1!
West Indies are sort of like NZ. Awesome at ODI cricket where anything can happen, yet suck at test match cricket

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