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What a Joke!! Akhtar and Asif cleared



"It is clearly, plainly evident that Shoaib nor Asif were ever warned or cautioned against taking supplements "
Fakhruddin 'f***wit' Ibrahim
Appeal judge

The appeals committee, headed by retired judge Fakhruddin Ibrahim, accepted their defence after carrying out its own investigations.

"The committee holds that Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif will not be deemed to have committed a doping offence," said Ibrahim.

"The ban and punishment imposed by the earlier tribunal is hereby set aside as being contrary to the provision of laws."

Ibrahim added it was "clearly, plainly evident that Shoaib nor Asif were ever warned or cautioned against taking supplements".

Dick Pound, head of the World Anti-Doping Agency, said he would have to wait for more information before commenting on the case.

"Our normal procedure is to request the file, review it, liaise with the Internatioinal Cricket Council and then decide whether it or we should appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport," he said.

However, he emphasised that the offence was one of strict liabilty, meaning "it doesn't really matter whether the substance was ingested knowingly or not".

The two players were recalled from the Champions Trophy in India in October after they tested positive in out-of-competition tests conducted by the PCB.


The greatest player ever loses a year of cricket for taking a diuretic, and these two clowns are cleared after they're found with a **** load of nandrolone in their system.

It was probably Pakistan's plan all along, give them a harsh sentence first to make it look like they're doing something, then overturn it on appeal.If anyone disagrees, they're obviously a racist and anti muslim.

Australia, South Africa, England and NZ all drug test their players and their officials have stated that if a player is found to have illegal substances in him, regardless of intention, their will be no allowance for mitigating circumstances.

The gutless ICC should intervene and de-register them.
Bloody hell! Can`t believe that- truly the greatest U-turn in the history of cricket.

Just when I thought that the PCB were actually looking at doing something, now this happens and robs them of the little credibility they had left.

Just for the record- being a registered pharmacist in my native SA, I can state categorically that there is NO WAY on God`s green earth that Nandrolone can get into anyone`s bloodstream via nutritional supplements. Raised levels of Testosterone or Andostene-dione, yes it`s possible. But Nandrolone is a highly anabolic drug, the anabolic:androgenic ratio is 8:1, and it is a very tightly controlled substance in SA, having a schedule status of 5, the same as sedatives, hypnotics, anti-depressants and other drugs with potential for abuse. The only way in which Nandrolone can get into anyone`s bloodstream, is by it either being administered by a doctor who obviously doesn`t know Asif and Akthar are professional sportsmen, or by obtaining it illegally. Sure, there has been some half-hearted and inconclusive studies suggesting that it could be linked to supplements, but not a shread of factual evidence exists.

Anyway, if the ICC does not step in and bloody well do something drastic here, I fear that they, too, will have lost their little bit of credibility left.
Beyond farcical. I can't believe this. I would be just as outraged (and embarrassed) if one of our players had gotten off in this fashion.

In my mind this will tar Pakistans results with the taint of these two players anytime they play. I thought the original bans were fine, whether they'd taken nandrolone knowingly or not.

One person who should righteously be allowed to sledge these two players mercilessly, is of course, Warney.
They got off on some poor excuse that they didn't get enough drugs awareness training at the trophy.

Dear god, if shoaib ever plays when I am in the ground. I will never shut up, it riles me now.

Pakistan is the worst cricket board ever, they place the race and religion card way too often. They should have been banned as a team for the outrage they caused in England.

They cost the ECB so much money, they should pay it back. I feel so sorry for Darrell Hair for applying the rules, Dam if it weren't the Ashes this would have been jumped all over.

Contrary to your comments I saw this coming all along........it is shocking but believable!!!!!!!

They are the most corrupt cricket board in all of cricket

coz it was inhouse, they determine the sentence........i knew this was on the cards.

The anti-doping sports agency can interven via arbitration and they should.

But there is no way in hell the PCB would ban Akhtar for over a year

Their credibility with regards to comments towards Daryl Hair is now void.

The PCB is and will always be the most dodgy cricket board in the world....makes the Zimbabwe's board look like saints!!!

IMO i honostly reckon the PCB take massive bets on their team to lose matches and test series......they use dirty money and launder it thru overseas betting agencies.......then select a sub par side, and watch them lose, only to give it to the players when they return home.

The whole thing is dodgy!!!
Seems like the ICC and WADA are having some talks about this one- from the BBC:

"We are in discussion with WADA about the way forward. We can`t say what may happen."- ICC spokesman.

ICC president Percy Sonn: "Of primary importanceis that all those members revisit their own regulations and align them both with the ICC`s anti-doping code and the WADA code."

Is the toothless tiger that is the ICC finally growing some fangs, or is this just another false dawn on the horison? IMO, if the ICC does not intervene and reinstate the original penalties, they will be making an even bigger mockery out of the world`s cricketing authority than they currently are- they should then just switch their HQ from Dubai to Lahore and make it official.........
And now WADA has stepped into the fold, fair play to them at least.

From the BBC- "It is certainly aberrational to have a national federation telling the international federation what rules it is going to apply in something like doping.

This is typical of the reason why you need WADA."- Dick Pount, WADA chairman.

And yet, deafening silence from the ICC on this one- Lahore head-office, here we come.

In the meantime, Akhtar and Asif have started to bowl with the blooming national squad in the nets, both are apparently eyeing a return for their upcoming tour to SA, followed by the CWC. So when exactly are the ICC going to step up and actually do something? Looks like we need another Kerry Packer-style World Series, in order to shake things loose a bit...........
Typical bloody ICC. Its a total sham, they do naff all when something serious like this happens and yet apply truck loads of hypocrisy to a situation like England not really wanting to play in Zimbabwe for political reasons.

Anyway though, just what does a Pakistani player have to do to be suspended?! Murder someone?! Even then they'd still wangle it so he gets let out on day release so he can play in a home test match!
I can sense this being the first absolute unified opinion in TRF history. You'd have to be an abject moron to disagree. I would usually never say that last sentence on the grounds of free speech, but it's true in this one case.

This is the most outrageous situation in world sport. Utterly unbelievable.

The England in Zimbabwe things and all in cricket before it (under-arm incident, Murali chucking) all pale into insignificance to this blatent legalised cheating.
Agreed, the PCB gained a small bit of credit out of the Hair fiasco but now they've well and truly destroyed that with this debacle.

If the ICC don't take a stand it might be up to one of the test nations to refuse to take to the field if they're picked in the sides.

If the pakis can boycott the remainder of a TEST due to unfair speculation

then anyone has their right ot boycott any TEST with these players in the paki side.......due to FACTUAL DRUG cheating.

Will be interesting how long it is before they make the national squad...I wonder which team will be playing them
Well, both will be playing state cricket in order to get fully match-fit again( helped to some extent by some nandrolone injections, since it`s not actually in an international comp.- sorry couldn`t resist!)

Judging from uncle Bob Woolmer`s comments, they`ll both be included for Pakistan`s upcoming tour to SA, starting in Jan 2007. Unfortunately, the SA team has gone all PC these days, what with not recognising the match referee`s call to ban Sehwag for a test in 2000, so do not expect any action from our side on this issue, unfortunately.

I just wonder if either of these two ends up seriously injuring an opposing batsmen, whether the ICC can be held liable for loss of income by that particular player- it would be an interesting test case, for sure.
This is a crossroads where we stand at world cricket.

We can either go down the road of considered, common sense and logical regulation which truly represents a modern global international sport.

Or, we can just slowly turn into a 3rd world boys club like the Commonwealth is, where the sport is abused, chopped and changed to the point where any of the serious nations like England and Australia simply don't wish to play anymore.

Thats the choice we face.
Unfortunately not a choice WE face. I agree in principal, although we are talking about administrators here. They make the decisions not a mandate from the masses. Unfortunately. As these two clowns wouldn't be playing if it were.
since july last year WADA has come on board to international cricket, which i was thinkign would be a good thing. I still think WADA have to come to the party quickly and stop them from playing pending an investigation to why they have been given the "all clear"

obviously i would like Aktar and Asif banned, mainly because we cant have one standard for one country and a different standard for others. THEY BROKE THE RULES, INTENTIONAL OR NOT GET RID OF THEM!!!!.

hell like warne got done and his was only diretics. which isnt performance inhancint (not that i am an expert on such matters anyway)

come on WADA flex those big muscles
Unfortunately not a choice WE face. I agree in principal, although we are talking about administrators here. They make the decisions not a mandate from the masses. Unfortunately. As these two clowns wouldn't be playing if it were.

I mean, take the fiasco with double standards over Zimbabwe. Its crazy how the ICC insisted that teams play in the midst of a totalitarian dicatorship and threatened to punish both cricket bodies and players if they decided to listen to their conscience.

The ICC has little or no credibility to anyone outside of..well..most of the tin pot 3rd world dictatorships in world Cricket.
yeah but that is because the ICC is a dictatorship in itself!!! just no-one realises it.

at least the new zealand government steped in and woudlnt allow the team in the country :) that fixed em o_O
Quote: Woosaah - "hell like warne got done and his was only diretics. which isnt performance inhancint (not that i am an expert on such matters anyway)

come on WADA flex those big muscles" End Quote.

Warney isn't a pace bowler either. His ability isn't derived from strength. It's the ability of his arm and wrist to function. Thats all he needs, so performance enhancing drugs like nandrolone would only help him recover from injury, not add turn to his deliveries.

I would still oppose him playing or trying to avoiding his ban though.

In case someone comes on and calls this racism (for siding with Warney) (as inevitably rears it's head), it's not. If we were talking about Saqlain Mushtaq or even Englands Monty, in this comparison, I'd feel the same way.

My whole faith in the process hinges on the long-term outcome of this decision.

I agree with Woosaah though, lets give WADA time.

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