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What am I doing wrong with scrums?



As soon as the ball goes in(whichever team is feeding), I press the left analog toward the other team and start tapping the square button. What am I doing wrong? Should I start the push at a different time? Should I be holding square instaed of tapping? I never hook it, I alway get pushed back. I've tried as a superior team against an iff one, and I still can't win one. I think I must be messing something up.
its all about timing my dear boy...
dont touch the "hook" button untill the ball comes in, the push can come slightly after the hook. There is no use pushing when u mistimed the hooking...
tht "hook" is the most important button, i suggest as soon as u press the "feed" button, move ur finger and press the "hook" again, it depends on how quick ur fingers are.. mine's quite big n meaty but they're quick..(thts why i hav a gf now.. ;) )