What Are We Going To Do With A Problem Called Argentina?

Discussion in 'International Test Matches' started by Gavin, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. Gavin

    Gavin Guest

    It's official most of the Top Tier Rugby Nations don't want the Pumas.


    <span style="font-family:palatino">http://www.planet-rugby.com/Story/0,18259,...3005435,00.html

    Australia have refused to allow a test against Argentina in June. Although most of the Pumas top players would not be able to play in this test, surely it would be better for the development of the game in Argentina to send a team, even if they will be hammered. It'll allow younger players to gain needed experienced before the next World Cup in 2011.

    It seems that neither the Six Nations nor the Tri-Nations want Argentina to join them. Talks about adding another team to the Super14 which will compose mostly of Pumas players sounds good, but this will not happen (In my view).

    Surely the best thing for Argentina would be to play a number of extra tests during the year against Top Tier Rugby Nations.</span>
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  3. Juma

    Juma Guest

    I think this is a good thing; we need to develop some sort of professional league here before entering any other competition.
    Once we have established a professional league where our players can develop to their fullest without having to go to Europe then we can enter a squad to the super 14 and the pumas to the tri nations, before that it would be only for some handful of Europe based players and you never know how many time you can keep exporting top players to other countries and maintaining the level we showed this year at the world cup, but it's just my opinion.
    Sorry for my English, it's been a while since the last time a had to write something in English, I’m a little rusty
  4. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    will argentina warm to a proffesional league, as many in argentine rugby are proud of retaining amateur status? plus will the argentine side be able to compete for their top players with the top European sides.
  5. Juma

    Juma Guest

    About being able to warm to a professional league I think we can, I play rugby here and none of us want to loose our amateur clubs because we love them the way they are but what is accepted as the best option is to make a professional provincial league this way we can maintain our clubs the way they are and still have our best players as professional playing for a provincial selection. This league actually exist nowadays but it is amateur as all the leagues so it just a matter of turning it pro.
    And for competing for our top players with europe squads i don't know, i think most of the players will stay here for as long as they can, but they will eventually go to make some money to europe, there's no way we could compete with europe salaries but it's the same way in football and we still manage to have good young players that come out of the clubs every year so i hope it will be the same with rugby.
  6. kvt

    kvt Guest

    they should join the tri-nations, $$$ permitting
  7. okiedokie

    okiedokie Guest

    Why dont they want argentina to join? Are the really good pros afraid of the amateurs?
  8. errlloyd

    errlloyd Guest

    They should join the Pacific Nations cup, I think Aus A and Nz Maori would then no longer be needed to fill places and it would be a proper international competition.
  9. Eche_17

    Eche_17 Guest

    Ha ha ha!!! Maybe it's because they are scared...especially after our performance on RWC2007!!
  10. fakucarp

    fakucarp Guest

    I agree 100% with Eche_17
  11. Tato

    Tato Guest

    the thing is.. maybe they believe that 2007 argentina's perfomance will be the only good perfomance in argentina's history but.. they should know that argentina's rugby is growing up more and more everyyear.

    or maybe is because they are scared. how eche_17 said
  12. finki

    finki Guest

    Thats point.
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