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What brand of ball do YOU use?

What kind of ball do you use?

  • Gilbert

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  • Summit

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  • Adidas

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  • Mitre

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  • Other

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I have a nice Summit ball I picked up when visiting Australia. It gets the job done, and I like it!
Never even laid hands on an Adidas or Summit ball. Gilbert's do just fine. Use Ram and Webb Ellis here and there as well.
I'm hoping to get a Gilbert Revolution Match ball from WorldRugbyShop for my b-day coming up in 5 months...
I've seen alot of gilbert, own a barbarian ball, and practice with mitre at school.
theres nothing wrong with a gilbert ball. thats why i like them...

...but there is nothing better than playing with a free rugby ball (like a crappy petrol station give away one, or to the like) and playing backyard rugby, nothing better
Gilbert all the time, although I have come to quite like those Mitre balls Italy use. I find I often kick them better than I usually do with Gilbert balls, and they are nice to run with. Don't have the same bounce as a Gilbert ball though.
What exactly do you mean, sanzar? (I'm not clear on what you mean by 'following')I just like the Wallabies, that's all. The only reason I have 'USA' in my name is that I'm American.
im american, i started following the wallabies when i was in oz during rwc 2003
the Heineken Cup ball... Webb Ellis... decent kicking distance with it, no real complaints
Gilbert all the way, Summit is also acceptable, those Webb Ellis ones are weird though.
The Kooga yellow and black ball.

DOn't really like the shape,it's too rounded at the corners, but apart from that does the job.
gilbert ball always , if its good enough for interantion fixtures its good enough for us,
I've been looking at gilbert balls, but I'm wondering if it's worth it buying the match grade balls as opposed to the practice balls. The big difference for me is kicking, I want a light ball that won't tear up my knee.

(edited b/c this isn't Jeopardy) So, in other words, is there big diff b/n Gilbert's match grade and practice balls?



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