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What camera angle do you use?

What camera angle do you use?

  • Classic

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  • Classic 2

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  • Side

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  • Broardcast

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Thought I'd just try and get the replys from Paul's thread into a nice poll. I'm interested to see these results.

Jamie Gough
I prefer playing on side view i think the games looks better and seems to run smoother but its impossible to kick accruately iv had the game since its UK release date and i think iv scored 2 drop goals lol
I used to use side but yesterday I switched to Classic 2 and the game is much easier, especially defence.
side makes some things look funny

-Pass from halfback of the top of a lineout
-View is too far away and too hard to see to the other side of the field fully
-shows up the bunching more, and flat footed 10's
classic makes the defence look compact and small

and looks unrealistic and stupid...lol

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