What Company will be Developing a Rugby Union Game in 2015?

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by ScottishCannon, Feb 17, 2015.

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    I was wondering guys what company do you think will be developing the rugby 16/ rugby world cup 2015 game? There is a lot of speculation that EA possibly might be making one, but honestly I don't think so! Sidhe has said they aren't developing a rugby challenge 3. With HB Studios, will they still be making a game based upon the awful reviews of rugby 15. So you think BigAntStudios might do it??

    Also the licenses for the super rugby and sanzar international teams have been sold by their respective unions so most likely a large company would purchase these but what do you guys think and what company would you guys like to see make a rugby union game?
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    I'm willing to put money on Sidhe being the guys behind the "secret" rugby game this year. It won't be called Rugby Challenge 3 though, which is why they stated they won't make another rugby challenge... They're just bending their words a bit, Sidhe love doing that.

    They held on to the NZ and AUS licenses for a long time to make this game and have been waiting for the Springboks license to become available before making the game. Well, that's my theory at least, but it makes a lot of sense. EA won't make a game that is partially licensed so we can probably stop getting our hopes up for them to be involved in this one.
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